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More than 120 Emirati companies joining the International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition

The 12th year of the International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition (Abu Dhabi 2014), held under the patronage of HH Sheikh Hamdan Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the Ruler’s Representative in the Western Region and Chairman of the Emirates Falconer’s Club, from the 10th to the 13th of September, witnesses a great increase in the number of the local exhibitors. The Exhibition enjoys the participation of over 120 Emirati companies of different fields offering different services including falconry, horses, equipment-making, hunting weapons, and marine and terrestrial trips.

Mr. Abdullah Batti Al Qubaisi, Director of the Exhibition and Member of the Higher Organizing Committee affirmed that the International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition is witnessing a notable increase in Emirati exhibitors year after year, coinciding with the increase in regional and international exhibitors and also the increase in the exhibition space in order to cover the exhibition’s increasing popularity each year. In addition, the exhibition is a great opportunity for the exhibiting companies to exchange expertise and develop deals with international adequately specialized companies. Al Qubaisi also pointed out that the local companies have cemented their place in the market with products and innovations that compete with the best international products.

The local private-sector exhibitors are joined by many government and official bodies and institutions concerned with preserving the environment, protecting the Emirati heritage, and promoting authentic heritage sports and hobbies.

The Exhibition is organized by the Emirates Falconer’s Club and Informa Exhibitions with the support of the Abu Dhabi Cultural Programs and Heritage Festivals Committee, and the Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority and under the patronage of HH Sheikh Mansoor bin Zayed Al Nahyan Global Arabian Horse Flat Racing Festival, Abu Dhabi Sports Council and Tawazun the Weaponry Partner.

Many Emirati exhibitors stand out in the event like the falcon farms that have proved their worth locally and internationally, such as Falcon Center. Considered a number one go-to place for the best breeds of propagating falcons in the world, including gyrfalcons, peregrines and lanner/gyrfalcon hybrid. The Center offers Arab falconers exceptional falcons bred at the center for the purpose of developing falconry as an element of the Emirati cultural heritage, preserving the birds and ensuring their survival and promoting the customs and culture of the UAE among citizens, expats and the newer generations.

As a part of the Club’s participation, the Dhabian Equestrian Club offers free training coupons within the cultural heritage contest “Questions and Answers” on Abu Dhabi Radio. The Dhabian is one of the pioneering independent equestrian clubs in Abu Dhabi. The club was founded in 2007 in Khalifa City A by Tina Al Qubaisi, CEO, as an effort to promote equitation and the appreciation of horses and their role in the authentic Emirati culture. Nowadays the club owns more than 40 horses used in the equitation school, stamina and hurdling events and in breeding.

– Western Motors is taking part in the exhibition as a part of its strategy to attract clients who are interested in hunting, safari and similar sports, and introducing them to the latest developments from Jeep designed to fulfill their driving needs especially on rough road trips. The company does not only sell and provide services, but it takes part in the Directorate of Traffic’s safe driving and road safety campaigns. Western Motors also organizes annual free oil and filter change service in cooperation with Chrysler. The company organizes a full desert day (Jeep Jamboree) including different activities and events such as sandsurfing, barbecue, falcons show and magic shows for children.

– On its part Tamrin has been participating in Abu Dhabi International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition since 2007. Tamrin is a prominent company in providing hunting tools and field sports’ equipment. The company that represents a number of the biggest international companies and became the number one knife manufacturer in the world. Tamrin’s products are a cross between traditional art and modern knife-making technology.

– The Exhibition also highlights the contribution of Saint Vincent Group General Trading. The group was founded in 2005 and has since become a representative of more than 40 brands and one of the most prominent distributers in the UAE with more than 4100 products in the pet care sector in the fields of nutrition, veterinary medicine and accessories. The group specializes in providing frozen and dry meals for many animals, in addition to the appropriate prescriptions.

– Also from the UAE, Cavalos Equine Care & Supplies stands out. The company provides the best products for horses and jockeys and the best brands of jockey clothing, horse nutrition and equipment (saddles and other products), and medical supplies.

The Emirati company ARB Emirates specialized in making four-wheel drive cars receives a lot of attention in the International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition for being the number one company in its field worldwide. The company also participates with many of its products, especially made for four-wheel drive cars in land and sea trips. The company’s stand in the exhibition also includes many safety tools and equipment for 4-wheel drive cars, such as struts, air regulators and air compressors for four-wheel drive car tires, high quality ropes, and kits including everything the driver needs to change a tire that is also considered a safety measure for four-wheel drive vehicles in case the tires were damaged or lost air on the road. ARB Emirates also offers means of leisure and comfort on the road, like car battery refrigerators and stylish chairs designed specifically for terrestrial trips.

– Al Gharbia Tents and Trips strives to offer all the necessary tools and equipment for camping trips and hunting to the exhibition’s visitors. The company manufactures about 80% of its products in the UAE making it one of very few companies interested in depending on local industries. It is noteworthy that the company was founded in 2008 and depended on imported products at first. Later on, the company developed and started depending on local products. The company deals with tourist agencies that organize hunting and terrestrial trips and also works directly with individuals looking to organize similar activities.

– The exhibition is also home to world class Emirati companies such as SNC Falcons Company; the number one company specialized in providing services for falcons, falconry and falconers. The company also serves as the exclusive Arabian Gulf agent for Honeybrook (UK); one of the biggest fodder producers in the world, and the only farm specializing in falcon food. Honeybrook Farm is one of the most important suppliers for London and Bristol zoos, and four more of the biggest zoos in the United Kingdom. It is also the biggest supplier for the Malta zoo and several other zoos in Europe. SNC Falcons offers many services and products each year like tested successful falcon crossbreeds from the company’s farms in Scotland, Wales and Spain, for an example: peregrine/gyrfalcon, lanner/gyrfalcon and pure gyrfalcon. The Company also provides basic primary high quality falconer equipment-based on feedback from many falconers. SNC also produces foods and fodder for birds of prey and animals in general, and falcons in particular-created in a scientific advanced method in British labs like chicks and all kinds of quails.

– New companies find a suitable place and setting to promote their products in the 12th Abu Dhabi International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition. One of these companies is TJM; an agent of the Australian company. TJM is a very strong exhibitor in this year’s exhibition offering equipment and accessories for four-wheel drive cars used in terrestrial trips. The company’s stand includes four-wheel drive cars supplies particularly pertaining to car protection and accessories, not to mention terrestrial trips’ supplies all with “Made in Australia” highest quality and standards. The company sells four-wheel drive struts made from platinum and aluminum to the highest protection standards and in several designs to suit every customer. Regarding terrestrial trips, the company offers an outdoor tent designed to fit atop of the car, made entirely from materials suitable to the local atmosphere and terrestrial trips circumstances. The tent is easy-to-assemble with an easy-to-fold step ladder on one side, and a large canopy for Arabian majlis on the other. The company also offers car-battery rechargeable camping refrigerator, and in-tent air conditioners with a converter to control the strength of the current to ensure the protection of both the car and the air conditioner.

Information to the Editor ..
The International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition is a qualitative annual event organized by Abu Dhabi, earned its significance for its excellence and popularity. It developed to be a cultural, artistic, heritage and environmental phenomenon with an economic nature that is critical to ensure the continuity of each event regardless of the nobility of its objectives. This is what the exhibition succeeded to achieve as it became the talk of the entire region and became marked by concluding huge deals and contracts. At the same time, seeking to raise awareness of the concept of sustainable hunting was one of the top concerns of the event organizers, who make sure that the exhibition comes out in the best image worthy of the emirate of Abu Dhabi and the status it assumed globally.

– The exhibition has become a regional and international rare opportunity to promote sustainable hunting, and a forum for environmental conservation advocates, hunting enthusiasts, poets and artists. It is no secret that the heritage world of falconry and equestrian enjoys a distinguished status among Arabs that it became a symbol of their past civilization; this ancient civilization that combines sports, courage, manhood, environment conservation and clemency towards birds and animals, all these noble qualities that characterized Arabs since ancient times.

– Activities of The Companies Participating in Abu Dhabi International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition 2014:

-Hunting/ archery and its accessories.
– Events of promoting and protecting the cultural heritage.
– Fishing and marine sports.
– Arts and handicrafts.
– Equestrian and its relative activities.
– Vehicles and equipment of outdoor trips.
– Hunting weaponry and gears.
– Veterinary and pharmaceutical products and services.
– Falconry, training falcons and their related tools and equipment.
– Competitions in drawing, photography, poetry, Arabic coffee and handicrafts.