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More than 15 million visitors and 400 events Red Sea Mall reinforces its name in ME

Red Sea Mall bids farewell to 2014 that carried unique achievements over its days. With achievements that took place for the first time since its foundation in 2008. The mall has become an icon in the industry of shopping and entertainment in The Kingdom. It lives in the hearts and minds of an increasing rate of citizens and residents inside and outside of Jeddah City, which exceeds 15.5 million visitors until from various ages compared to around 14 Million visitors in 2013, which reinforced Red Sea Mall’s name in the Middle East.

Today, government sectors, companies and organizations are rushing to hold their events and campaigns at the mall. Thanks to its strategic location in Jeddah that receives millions of tourists and pilgrims every year to the place where they fill their needs under one roof.

In occasion to the success of the 2014 plans, the mall celebrated their success with the presence of the mall employees and reporters, beside the strategic partners. For this occasion, Mr. Mohammed Alawi – CEO of Red Sea Markets Company – The Owner of Red Sea Mall – declared, “It is my pleasure to thank our suppliers for their efforts and supporting the mall throughout the year.” Mr. Alawi Added: “Red Sea Mall has witnessed an advanced stage in its journey through out the year, which possess more trust and loyalty by its visitors and society in general, as it received a number of prestigious international awards that further enforced the malls leading position in the shopping and entertainment markets industry nationally, regionally and internationally.”

Mr. Alawi said: “We have achieved in 2014 what we couldn’t achieve in the past years, as today The Mall is covered with free Wi-Fi internet to its visitors and staff. As well as introducing new unusual elements on a national and regional level, as it has a passport management services office, Saudi Airlines self-service booth, the first Radio Studio broadcasting from inside the mall (Alif Alif FM) and the first YouTube booth inside a mall in The Kingdom.”

From his side, Mr. Artin Malatjalian – general manager of Red Sea Mall said that: “Red Sea Mall Extended its presence at the level of social, charity and volunteering Responsibility in the previous period. And succeed until the end of December of 2014 to organize more than 370 events and activites in various ranges, comparing to around 300 events and activities in 2013. The events and activities that took place in the mall has varied from the qualities, target goals and their innovative implementing techniques, and so on throughout the year. Especially in the holy month of Ramadan, holidays and national events.”

Mr. Artin confirmed that: “The Mall took into consideration through the past year to richen the products and services offered to its visitors and to expand the international, regional and national trademarks that they desire. He also said that Red Sea Mall’s uniqueness and leadership will not stop here, but it will extend to include the internet and Social Media, as the Mall’s followers on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram has reached around 300.000 followers, comparing to 120,000 followers in 2013.”

Mr. Artin mentioned that: “The Mall is heading toward a transition that will add to its leadership and uniqueness on the level of shopping and entertaining centers in the region. He recently announced a strategic expansion plan that will be executed over the next couple of years by adding approximately 35,000 GLA square meters, in order to meet the increasing demand on its Trademark from its visitors, which is more than 120 stores. New lands will be added and developed in The Kingdom, and we are now working with a fine selection of local and international consultants to measure these projects and to increase the commercial lands for the center, that close to 30,000 Meters.”