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For 2nd year in a row, Crédit Agricole Egypt sponsors Fête de la Musique

In the light of its interest in supporting arts and music, Crédit Agricole Egypt is proud to sponsor la Fête de la Musique, organized by l’Institut Français en Egypte (the French Institute in Egypt) for the second year in a row. This music festival has attracted the world’s attention since it was launched in France in 1982.

The festival, which was held at Salah Eddin’s Citadel in Cairo, is an attempt to foster the value of art, respect different visions, rapprochement between various cultures and civilizations as the music plays bringing all peoples together.

As always, Crédit Agricole Egypt is keen on sponsoring this festival as part of its continuing support to the society, especially as such kind of events encourage new talents. Crédit Agricole Egypt deeply believes in the importance of arts and culture, which are of the Bank’s fundamental values.

It’s noteworthy that la Fête de la Musique has prevailed outside the French borders to become an international phenomenon marked by most countries worldwide.