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360 MALL launches a dedicated customer service campaign

Kuwait’s most innovative mall to cater to a wide variety of customer needs to further drive expansion and growth

360 MALL has become the first mall in Kuwait to launch an engaging, educational customer-service campaign, in an effort to enhance the retail experience of its shoppers and further drive growth.

The customer-service quality initiative caters to a wide target audience and help to achieve consistently high levels of service across the mall for consumers who can enjoy a more convenient shopping experience.

The mall, already well-known for its service, will highlight benefits and the excellent shopping experience, both of which are encapsulated in its new campaign slogan “We Make Happy.” If you forget your phone charger, or need a porter to carry your shopping bags to the car, 360 MALL will go the extra mile with solutions to your problems. The mall campaign will also have seven videos demonstrating and promoting some key services.

Fourteen well-trained customer service team members will help customers who can now make the most of two customer-service desks that are positioned at the Ground Level of the mall; additionally, shoppers can make the most of portable stations that can help serve their needs better during the peak shopping season and weekends.

The most recent of the 20 services is the launch of the Mother and Baby Lounge which was established in direct response to the demand of young mothers to enhance their convenience during their visit to the mall. The famous shopping destination is the first in the region to understand and embrace the needs of its largest customer segment—young women with children.

Aimed at providing an inviting home away from home and an easy experience for nursing and young mothers, the ‘Mother and Baby Lounge’ is located centrally near customer service 2 by Gate 4, and is open from 11 am to 10 pm every day.

Tania Khoury, Deputy GM, Operations, said: “At 360 MALL we believe the best promotion for customer service, is well, great customer service. Our Customer Service team is trained to handle a diverse set of customer needs, which can be solved in a variety of ways ranging from actual physical intervention to providing advice and solutions through social media. While we aim to help as many people as possible we will never compromise on quality.”

Claudia Lopusinska, Marketing Manager, 360 MALL, said: “We are working to achieve a customer-centric approach whereby shoppers are at the forefront of our strategy. We offer more than 20 services to cater to all the various demographics, including women and children, no matter how young or old. Kuwait is becoming a world-class shopping destination and customers of 360 MALL should have access to nothing but the best facilities. This is all about demonstrating through action, but as important as how many people we help will be the rare or unforeseen problems where, we hope, to surprise our customers.”

The day of the launch included entertaining acts by a group of talented performers who engaged with shoppers in an interesting manner. Apart from highlighting services such as Kiddie Kruzzers, baby strollers and mobility scooters in a synchronized parade replete with balloons, the performers briefly highlighted certain services and asked shoppers to predict what they were in a competition where winners were awarded great prizes. The launch event was supported by major in-mall communication, social media and digital campaign.

360 MALL integrates retail, leisure and entertainment in a luxury environment; positioning it as the premier luxury shopping experience in Kuwait offering shoppers and visitors 82,000 sq.m of exciting leisure and shopping experiences. Amongst its stores are a mix of luxury brands, dining and entertainment which have been introduced for the first time in Kuwait The mall’s elegant interiors include seven different experience zones. The 360 MALL marks a milestone in the growth of the retail sector in Kuwait and is clearly a turning point for the industry.