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360 MALL launches Kuwait’s first in-mall ‘Mother and Baby Lounge’

Mother and Baby lounge to feature a warm and comfortable environment with all the amenities needed by nursing and young mothers

The iconic 360 MALL, from the Tamdeen Group, has set an industry-first in the country with the launch of a dedicated ‘Mother and Baby Lounge’ in direct response to the demand of young mothers to enhance their convenience during their visit to the mall.

The famous shopping destination is the first in the region to understand and embrace the needs of its largest customer segment—young women with children.

The mother and baby lounge opened in the presence of Hiba Al Doori, a famous Arab celebrity.

Aimed at providing an inviting home away from home and an easy experience for nursing and young mothers, the ‘Mother and Baby Lounge’ is located centrally near customer service 2 by Gate 4, and is open from 11 am to 10 pm every day.

Spacious at over 120 sqmetre, the lounge features a wide range of amenities that include private feeding rooms with comfortable sofas, a fully equipped kitchenette and a lounge area that allows mothers who are shopping to take a break and tend to their children up to the age of four years.

The ‘Mother and Baby Lounge’ is part of 360 MALL’s larger strategy which focuses on excellent customer-service and meeting the needs of its shoppers in a timely and meaningful manner. This latest facility at the mall, is an example of the mall’s deep commitment to understanding the needs of its shoppers and providing quality service through innovation.

The nursing facilities in the lounge include seating areas, a changing table and baby wraps. Just like home, the lounge also has a kitchenette with a microwave oven, refrigerator, sink, tissue dispenser and bottle warmers. To make mothers and children welcome, a charming and trained hostess is available at the lounge to assist mothers and introduce them to the services.

A thoughtfulness in the lounge is highlighted in the way the lounge has been designed with comfortable sofa seating, books on children care, and a large television screen with relevant programming – all aimed at making mothers feel at home.

Claudia Lopusinska, Marketing Manager, 360 MALL, said: “The opening of the ‘Mother and Baby Lounge’ underlines our deep commitment to enhancing customer service standards by meeting the diverse requirements of our customers. Nursing and young mothers need a comfort zone in malls to truly cherish their shopping experience and we stepped up to meet their need with the first of its kind lounge in the country. The lounge not only assures them privacy but also every possible amenity needed to ensure that their visit to the mall does not affect childcare priorities.”

Elegantly designed to put children at ease, the lounge also serves an educational purpose by providing insights and information to young mothers on various aspects of child care through the numerous books available to read.

The ‘Mother and Baby Lounge’ is supported by retail partners such as Pampers, ToysRUs and SebaMed Cosmetics.