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4 exciting companies in the UAE you should know about!

Over the past few weeks, AMEinfo has stumbled upon a handful of exciting firms that are worth your attention.

From startups to well-established firms, the UAE is attracting all sorts of businesses Given the UAE's welcoming business atmosphere, it is no surprise why all these firms are launching activities here These 4 firms each bring something special to the table

Companies old and new continue to make a name for themselves in the thriving UAE market, prompting us to think that perhaps there is an unspoken ‘Emirati Dream’ echoing that of the infamous American one that all these firms hope to find here. 

From fledgling startups to well-established industry names, here are 4 exciting companies in the UAE that you should know about!

ServiceMyCar – The Talabat of cars

Of the many new startup to hit the UAE scene this year, is a standout. It brings the 24/7, on-demand service you’d expect from a food delivery or ride-hailing app to the car servicing field. The app allows for convenient, round-the-clock car servicing. All you need to do is hand them your car, and ServiceMyCar handles all the rest. From the busy banker, to the overwhelmed mother, the app brings convenience to one of the greatest burdens of owning a car.

AMEinfo had the opportunity to speak with Ozair Puda, CEO of ServiceMyCar, to learn more about the various facets of his new firm, and how they ensure the best customer service given the pitfalls of such a business model. You can find the full interview here

Game Cooks – An award-winning indie game developer

It’s not everyday you hear of an up-and-coming video game developer coming from the Middle East. Game Cooks studio is that, and more. While Game Cooks is Lebanon-based, the company has participated in a competition in the UAE, and has clients in the country. 

The developer was awarded the 1st place prize at the “VR & Beyond” competition in Dubai, which saw more than 100 international developers compete to create a new VR experience for Burj Khalifa. Game Cooks also won a cash prize of AED 500k for their first place ranking.

AMEinfo conducted an extensive interview with Game Cooks’ CEO, learning all there is to know about them. 

In the first part of the interview, we learned about Game Cook itself and how they were able to win the prize in DubaI. 

In the second part of the interview, Game Cooks CEO and co-founder Lebnan Nader reveals the obstacles holding back VR from mainstream success, as well as providing insights into the industry and investor advice.

SEMrush – A major player in the data analytics field

Unlike the aforementioned startups, SEMrush is an 11-year old data analytics company that has seen its fair share of action in the market. Growing exponentially since its founding in 2008, its employee count skyrocketed from around 16 members of staff to over 1000 in this relatively short span of time.

Primarily a data owner – not a data supplier – they provide individuals and organizations with all sorts of online insights. From clicks, to read time and impressions, SEMrush provides a holistic data analytics experience. 

In the first part of the interview, SEMrush shares 5 key areas UAE e-commerce firms need to focus on.

In the 2nd part, SEMrush reveals that Voice search will be the primary search method used with mobile devices, while also commenting on other facets of this growing search trend.

BuyAnyInsurance – Modernizing a traditional industry

According to 2017 data,  more than one third (37%) of the UAE population has purchased car policies (3.5 million total). Yet, the car insurance market in the country remains very traditional. 

Enter BuyAnyInsurance, a budding startup that is looking to shift the status quo. 

“Our insurance comparison site is an aggregator, like Expedia. We save customers valuable time, and we are transparent with prices and benefits.”

In 2017, 1% of the population was buying insurance online, while in 2019, it jumped to 10%, reports state.

You can find our interview with the startup here.