Complex Made Simple

63 students acquire the skills to create business models viable for Expo 2020

Dulsco supports INJAZ UAE innovation day camp to guide Al Dar University students in coming up with relevant business concepts that can flourish during Expo 2020

Dulsco, a regional pioneer in human resource solutions and waste management, mentored and honed future entrepreneurs to find creative business solutions and solve real business situations that can flourish during the EXPO 2020. As part of its 80th year celebration, Dulsco worked closely with INJAZ UAE, a member of Junior Achievement Worldwide (JAW), to mentor 63 students from Al Dar University at this innovation day camp, aimed at developing key entrepreneurial skills and innovative business solutions.

INJAZ UAE, is a non-profit business education organization, which bridges the gap between the educational outcomes and the private sector to empower and inspire today’s youth to reach their full potential, through business educational training programs. Fourteen volunteers from Dulsco’s management mentored and worked alongside their respective teams composed of students from Al Dar University. The volunteers and the students discussed the basics of setting up businesses that can flourish alongside Expo 2020. The I-Camp’s topic was chosen to support Expo 2020’s theme, ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’.

Sulaf Saleh Al-Zu’bi, CEO of INJAZ UAE commented: “The I-Camp day is an immersive and experiential workshop that really helps students develop their entrepreneurial skills and raise awareness of the importance of business education and the spirit of entrepreneurship with ‘hands-on’ high impact training sessions. The I-Camp with Dulsco and Al Dar University is a great opportunity for these young entrepreneurs to be trained and mentored by industry experts. Today’s youth are at the forefront of entrepreneurship and with technological advancements and research; the number of young entrepreneurs continues to rise”.

Johnson Alexander, Director of Human Resources and QHSE stated, “Societal contribution is one of Dulsco’s core values. The INJAZ UAE Innovation Day camp served as a perfect platform for Dulsco to give back to the community in a meaningful way. Expo 2020 is the best opportunity to venture into new and innovative businesses. We had an encouraging response from these bright students and we were successful in linking their minds to set the right wavelength and exchanged innovative and interesting ideas. Such students are invaluable assets and will certainly be instrumental in shaping the nation’s future”.

“We are very thankful to INJAZ UAE and Dulsco for helping our students to explore their full potential. The camp transformed our students’ ideas to life and gave them freedom to work on the businesses they want to pursue based on their skills and passions. Hopefully, we’ll witness the students’ business models come alive in the next few years”, said Dr. Ghassan Ossman, Dean of School of Business Administration, Al Dar University.

“Dulsco’s activity with INJAZ UAE and Al Dar University is a great opportunity for youth to be guided by mentors throughout the workshops, challenging one another to find creative business solutions. Youth are the future of the nation and we are training them to unlock their true potentials and possess the traits of an entrepreneur: innovative, risk taker and a pioneer. Dulsco looks forward to further support INJAZ UAE and empower many more students to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams”, added Alexander.

The I-Camp hosted by Dulsco and in partnership with Tejar Dubai, ended with an insightful session, as the futurepreneurs reflected on their positive experiences and interaction with Dulsco mentors, judges and guest speakers. The students will then be given an opportunity to participate in other INJAZ UAE programmes aimed at further developing their business skills.