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6,902 factories operating in Saudi Arabia

Increased industrial output has managed to bridge the gap in plastic products

The number of factories and industrial plants operating in Saudi Arabia stands at 6,902 now, with the capital Riyadh accounting for the largest proportion.

There are 1,817 factories in Riyadh, followed by 1,583 in the Eastern Province, 1,332 in Makkah, 291 in Qassim, 256 in Madinah and 267 in Asir, according to data by the Saudi ministry of commerce and industry.

Other regions of the Kingdom account for lesser number of factories and industrial plants.

Experts say that the increased industrial output of the country has managed to bridge the gap in plastic products that opened up in the local market after China stopped exports.

Samir Nayazi, an economist, said Saudi producers have the ability to produce high-quality products that would replace imported products and ultimately expand the national economic base.

Muhammad al-Khatrawi, a member of the national industry committee, told Al Eqtisadiah that the local demand for manufactured plastic products has increased by ten to 15 per cent this year, compared with last year’s figures.

Other experts called for extending additional support to the national plastic industry and to make use of cheap feedstock and fuel that is abundantly available in the Kingdom.