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AbbVie unites IMID patients with art

AbbVie launched ‘7 Cabins’ gallery, Lebanon’s edition of ‘Perspectives, Art, Inflammation & Me’, a global initiative uniting patients affected by immune-mediated inflammatory diseases (IMID) with artists to jointly create a global gallery of artistic expressions bringing the impact of IMID on their daily lives to life through various artistic expressions.

“A unique initiative by AbbVie,” said Mr. Dany Khoury, General Manager AbbVie Levant. “This highly interactive art campaign brings artists together with people with an IMID to offer a unique insight into what it means to live with one of these diseases. Putting patients at the center of the healthcare system is at the core of AbbVie’s mission to provide them with a better life through effective medication and continuous research,” added Mr. Khoury.

Lebanon’s edition of the exhibition was uniquely executed. Seven IMID patients were transformed into artists and were able to translate their deepest and most personal experiences into a piece of art. Patients undertook 12 sessions of design therapy with designer Jean Bou Doumit, founder of idbeirut and the person behind design therapy, resulted in seven cabins, each cabin holds a personal story. “A lifetime experience that won’t be forgotten,” said Bou Doumit.

“It’s incredibly powerful to see and live the personal experiences of IMID patients. This initiative gave me the chance to see the world through them. The design therapy opened the door for them to express their hidden emotions and how they view the world and how the world viewed them,” added Bou Doumit. “A huge transformation was seen among the seven patients, they simply blossomed,” he added.

Patients living with an IMID disease such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Psoriasis, Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, suffer from a huge physical, social and psychological burden. This kind of suffering is unseen, not recognized and still not supported on various levels. Impact of these diseases on patients’ lives goes beyond the need of medical treatment; a psychological and social support is needed as a milestone in the treatment of those patients.

The initiative globally will see a series of paintings, sculptures, photos and other artistic expressions developed around the world to creatively portray and help others understand the impact of IMIDs. Each artistic expression will depict a significant “moment of meaning” within the person’s journey with their disease. In doing so, this project represents the power of interdisciplinary research at its best.

“The artworks in Perspectives and ‘7 Cabins’ in particular, lend support to the broader dialogue between art and medicine. The common ground resides in the belief that artistic representations enable the construction of alternative medical interpretations that emphasize patients as individuals.” added Mr. Khoury.

“7 Cabins” will participate in the global edition of “Perspectives Art, Inflammation and Me” gallery, it has been one of the 50 pieces chosen from hundreds of entries globally to be part of the gallery’s tour.

For more information, please contact:

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AbbVie Lebanon
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