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AB’s comes to Dubai

Absolute Barbecues, better known as AB’s, the grill restaurant chain acclaimed for its multi-cuisine live cooking concept, has made its debut in Dubai, after being consistently ranked among the best restaurants in the Indian cities of Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad.

AB’s winning formula is based on its unrivalled ‘Do-It-Yourself’ grilling experience that incorporates a wide array of cuisines from around the globe. There is a LIVE CHARCOAL GRILL at each table, a central live WORLD GRILL station offering exotic choose-it-yourself culinary option and an extensive main course offering a choice of veg and non-veg dishes and desserts.

AB’s marks its foray into international market through this distinctive outlet located at Fraser Suites (inside Sidra Tower), near Gems Wellington School, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, offering discerning diners an innovative buffet dining experience in a quality setting (in a four-star hotel) at surprisingly reasonable prices. Spread over 6300 sq. ft., AB’s has a capacity for 174 diners, making it one of the largest buffet destinations in Dubai. An army of nearly 30 serving staff are employed to assist and advise customers on grilling suggestions and provide information on each dish served at the table.

“AB’s in Dubai raises the buffet experience to the next level through personalized service and a personalised grilling experience, far superior to run-of-the-mill buffet places in the Gulf,” said Razeen Parambil, GM of AB’s. “This is because AB’s was created by people who pioneered the ‘high quality’ buffet concept in India and are now ready to take on the world. We are driven by passion, and not just by money motives, and this is reflected in every aspect of our operations and service,” Razeen added.

The main USP of AB’s is that it offers a large selection of meat, seafood and vegetables that customers can grill to their own preference. The restaurant’s accompanying sauces, salads and side dishes are lovingly prepared in-house, with many featuring signature recipes and ingredients exclusive to the brand. AB’s prides itself on the prime grade of every ingredient and menu item it serves, and uses only the most succulent cuts of meats and freshest garden offerings. AB’s perfection of taste is mastered through spices and marinades that are prepared in-house by dedicated chefs. These gourmet grillers often visit diners at their tables to gather recommendations and suggestions.

“We are driven by the philosophy that grilling is about fun, bonding and celebration. This is reflected in the general ambience of AB’s in Dubai. We have customized the original menu to suit diverse taste buds of the international community in the UAE,” said Razeen. “The menu is more international here, compared to our Indian outlets. There is a wide selection of dishes for vegetarians as well, which is rather unique in a multi-cuisine buffet restaurant,” Razeen added.

The grill offerings and main dishes are complimented by a range of delectable dessert items, including Indian desserts and sweet servings, such as the popular Cold Stone Creamery offerings, customised to the diner’s preferences. Other unique feature of AB’s is that it allows free parking, offers complimentary bottled drinking water and operates a ‘no-tips’ policy, allowing customers feel comfortable knowing that there are no additional charges. As part of its commitment to ensuring that their diners’ experience is of the highest standard, the restaurant only employs staff members with proven expertise in being friendly, hospitable and passionate about providing the best level of service.
AB’s offers a variety of dining options, with buffet lunch available from 12 noon to 4pm and buffet dinner from 6pm to midnight. It is an ideal venue for corporate lunches, casual gatherings, celebrations and festivities.

AB’s entry into Dubai is part of an expansion strategy that will see the acclaimed chain taking the number of outlets to 15 by the end of 2015, including new ones in Hyderabad, Mumbai and other cities in India. ABs is strategically located on Sheikh Zayed Road, near GEMS Wellington School. Guests traveling from both sides of Sheikh Zayed Road can reach the restaurant by using Exit 36.