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Abu Dhabi foreign trade hits AED111 billion in eight months

Highest figures were recorded in May, while June saw lowest numbers

The emirate of Abu Dhabi’s non-oil foreign trade totalled AED111.1 billion in the first eight months of the current year, according to fresh figures.

The emirate’s highest non-oil foreign trade was recorded in May with AED15bn, followed by January and April with AED14.8bn and AED14.1bn, respectively.

June saw the lowest value of the emirate’s non-oil foreign trade at AED13.1bn, according to the data released by the Abu Dhabi Statistics Centre.

In August, for instance, imports accounted for nearly 74 per cent or AED9.8bn of the emirate’s non-oil foreign trade, while exports stood at AED1.8bn and re-exports at AED1.6bn.

Furthermore, the data published by Al Bayan indicates that Abu Dhabi’s top imports came from the United States of America (AED1.4bn); Saudi Arabia (AED1.1bn) and Japan (AED992 million).

Saudi Arabia came first in terms of non-oil imports from Abu Dhabi at AED947m, followed by Kuwait (AED155m) and Turkey with AED124m. These three countries accounted for nearly 66.4 per cent of Abu Dhabi’s non-oil exports.

Also, in August, Saudi Arabia was the top destination for Abu Dhabi’s re-exports at a value of AED424m, followed by Kuwait (AED286m) and Qatar (AED227m).