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Abu Dhabi GDP at constant prices grows 4.7 per cent during 2014

Main contributors to growth are extractive industries, real estate and financial and insurance sectors

Abu Dhabi’s gross domestic product (GDP) at constant prices grew by 4.7 per cent during 2014 to reach AED736.1 billion at the end of 2014, according to the Statistical Yearbook of Abu Dhabi 2015 issued by the Statistics Centre – Abu Dhabi (SCAD).

According to data, the emirate’s GDP is divided between AED371.8bn from oil and AED364.3bn from non-oil contributions, UAE-based Al Ittihad reports.

According to the report, main contributors to the growth are the “extractive industries” – such as crude oil and natural gas – real estate and financial and insurance sectors at growth rates of 2.2 per cent, 4.8 per cent and 27.1 per cent respectively.

The data shows that GDP per capita at constant prices amounted to AED227,100 distributed between AED140,000 per capita of oil output and approximately AED137,000 of non-oil output at constant prices, while the annual growth rate of GDP per capita of the non-oil segment is estimated at nearly 0.8 per cent during 2014.

The statistics reveal that Abu Dhabi’s GDP registered a growth in current prices estimated at 2.2 per cent to reach AED 952.7bn during 2014.