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Abu Dhabi University celebrates 10 years of excellence with non-stop rollercoaster of action-packed festivities

Abu Dhabi University has held a press conference to announce that it is celebrating its 10th anniversary by pursuing an action-packed calendar of round-the-year events that are designed to thrill students of all nationalities and interests, while also reaching outto the community.

The festivitieswill include a Club Fair in which diverse clubs go head-to-head to recruit new students who share the same interests and talents. In the sporting arena, tournaments in Football and Billiards will seek to groom future world champions. However, many of ADU’s fun and games will revolve around uplifting the communityand benefiting noble causes such ascancer awareness.

Speaking at the press conference, His Excellency Ali Saeed Bin Harmal Al Dhaheri,Chairman of the Abu Dhabi University Executive Board said, “The university is looking back on a decade of excellence, while also looking forward to a new level ofunprecedented success. We are inspired by our Founding Father, His Highness Sheikh Zayed (may his soul rest in peace) and His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, UAE President, and will play recordings of their golden words of wisdom around the university. The great diversity of events encompasses cultural, social and CSR activities that give back to our community, because they have been part of our success every step of the way. We will celebrate our patriotic pride, not only for the UAE but also embracing all the nationalities of our multicultural student community.All this will motivate our students to contribute to our prosperity in line with Abu Dhabi’s Vision 2030. We are immensely grateful to our strategic partners, and will express our gratitude through events like the Suppliers Appreciation Ceremony to motivate ever-increasing quality standards.”

HE Al Dhaheri went on to say, “Innovation is the cornerstone of our institution, and we will host events such as the Mathematics & Sciences Conference, as a catalyst for tomorrow’s ingenious innovators and breakthroughs. As a family-centric community, we will also host family events because parentshave entrusted us to become a ‘second family’ for our students.”

According to Dr Nabil Ibrahim, Chancellor of Abu Dhabi University, “This anniversary is not just a celebration for our university, but also for the entire community of Abu Dhabi because they have given us the wings to soar higher with each year. That is why our celebrations revolve around our community — whether reaching out to high schools, families, the business community, or using our CSR activities to uplift orphans, the elderly, the critically ill or to rehabilitate our emirate’s natural beauty. Education is only valuable when it is applied in the real world, so our students are proudly reaching out as ambassadors of change in the society. In line with our student-centric approach, we will inviteour students to submit innovative CSR ideas or inventions via social media, and their peers will vote to determine the winners.”

ADU’s CSR outreach has been segmented into Education, Wellness, Sustainability, Entrepreneurship and Charity initiatives. The university has vowed to bring a refreshing new approach to make CSR more creative, fashionable and fun-filled. The Sustainability CSRwill include activities such as recycling contests. Meanwhile the “Green World” initiative will give a makeover to beaches, deserts, streets, parks and neighborhoods so they can reclaim their lost beauty. The Education CSR will support under-stocked schools as well as the Future Center for Special Needs (FCSN), among others.

Under its Wellness CSR, ADU will raise awareness and funds for causes such as breast cancer, diabetes and thalassemia. The Charity CSR activities include gift boxes for orphans, the elderly and the critically ill. As an institution with one of the region’s most renowned Entrepreneurship programs, ADU will also drive its Entrepreneurship CSR to empower, enlighten and inspire tomorrow’s business empire builders.

Additional events are planned to strengthen the bonds with ADU’s alumni, as well as bringing to life the values of Growth, Harmony and Dynamism. The College of Business Administration (COBA) will seek to instill financial independence in future business luminaries. Furthermore, the universitywill honor HH Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak as the “Mother of the Nation”, while also paying homage to Emirati women whose daily contributions hold UAE society together. Students will explore their talents through events like “ADU’s Got Talent”, as well as the GETEX and GHEDEX Exhibitions which ADU will participate in.The celebrations will culminate in ADU’s Graduation Day, when students will finally be rewarded for their heroics over the past few years.

These are by no means the only activities, as ADU has planned a plethora of other events to make its 10th anniversary year the most memorable in its decade of outstanding achievements.