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Abu Dhabi’s industrial exports grow 65 per cent

January was the most active month, in terms of industrial exports

The industrial products exported by Abu Dhabi in January and February 2015 amounted to AED5.7 billion, according to recent statistics.

The Statistics Centre – Abu Dhabi states that this represents an increase of 65 per cent compared with AED3.5bn during the same period in 2014, reports UAE-based Aliqtisadi.

Industrial supplies accounted for about 80 per cent of the total industrial exports during that period, with a share of AED5.4bn, says the centre.

It shows that 88 per cent of the total exports went to Asian countries, while the African market’s share of exports touched eight per cent and the European, approximately three per cent.

According to indicators, January was the most active month, in terms of industrial exports from Abu Dhabi touching AED3.2bn, compared with AED2.5bn during February.

Industrial supplies recorded about AED5.4bn during the first two months in 2015, compared with AED3.2bn during the same period last year, while the value of total food and manufactured beverages’ exports recorded AED130 million, compared with AED120m in 2014.

This is in line with a comprehensive plan that promotes competitive national products to global markets, through an expanded mechanism of promotion, ranging from legislation and procedures on export incentives and the participation of local producers in the global promotional gatherings.