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Academic partnership between STF and PSUAD to reinforce visions and focuses of Sharjah Leadership Program

The Chairman of Sharjah Tatweer Forum (STF), Jassem Al Beloushi, lauded the efforts of Paris – Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi (PSUAD), in the context of ongoing concerted efforts and collaboration, to reinforce the visions and focuses of the Sharjah Leadership Program, the second edition of which was inaugurated on December 17.

Beloushi noted that the collaboration constitutes a quality shift in promoting the program by harnessing the academic expertise of PSUAD as one of the top European universities in the world, through its Abu Dhabi campus. The experience of PSUAD faculty will be employed to ensure benefit to program participants, in line with the program’s ambition which strives to train professionals, through academics and praxis, in the best and most sophisticated management practices.

The collaboration, he further observed, is an extension of the series of collaborative efforts between STF and educational institutions, especially that the American University of Sharjah constitutes a key partner in the Sharjah Leadership Program, given its active role in devising the overall program vision and academic organization mechanisms. PSUAD will undertake the translation of those academic focuses into quality programs that attend, first and foremost, to innovation and innovative leadership.

He underlined that the partnership, which will be rounded off by PSUAD in terms of academics, serves to strengthen the program’s overarching visions, namely to train ambitious and competent leaders in keeping with the UAE’s drive towards innovation across the board.

Beloushi stressed that program participants, by acquiring significant academic experience, will contribute to shaping the prosperity of various sectors, specifically the sector of innovation in the UAE, and the economy of Sharjah. Participants will help drive and channel growth into success and innovation, and play a part in fueling progress and sustainable development in the emirate of Sharjah towards a brighter future. The management program combines heritage, culture and academics, via two of the most prestigious institutions: AUS and PSUAD.

PSUAD’s inputs will be integrated with those of AUS in organizing a comprehensive and diverse program drawing on a European conception of leadership, management and innovation, alongside the American outlook offered by AUS. The program will operate in partnership with world-class Sorbonne University and make use of the top-rated educational institutions in the UAE – their experience, resources and faculty – to meet the STF’s aspiration in strengthening innovative visions and requirements for program participants.

Dr. Fatima Al Shamsi, PSUAD Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Administrative Affairs, highlighted the importance of PSUAD’s collaboration with various institutions and authorities across the UAE, including STF as an incubator of young talent, through its continuing programs and courses, in addition to its national contribution to training young leaders and showcasing their administrative and economic roles.

PSUAD, she said, is keen to employ its expertise in training participants in the Sharjah Leadership Program, which is one of the most prominent programs for training human capital in a wide range of fields. Shamsi affirmed PSUAD’s anticipation, through the program, of making an educational contribution to integrated management, by implementing innovation across all domains. PSUAD will endeavor to translate its motto – Leadership in the Age of Innovation – and to foster innovation in its theses. This will be ensured by means of workshops, lectures, academic programs, visits and projects aligned with the UAE’s outlooks for the future.

She concluded that PSUAD, according to the Sharjah Leadership Program’s agenda, will hold two sessions, over two days, followed by an interactive competitive exercise, on the third day, at PSUAD’s Abu Dhabi campus, starting in February. Moreover, participants will conduct several visits to institutions and firms in Abu Dhabi operating in the field of innovation. All program sessions and activities will focus on the theme of innovation, during the Sorbonne sessions and the proposed “Innovative Leaders” activity, which will, simultaneously, boost PSUAD support of STF’s purposes in building the second promotion of Sharjah leaders.