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Activities and initiatives promoting innovation in ADEC

During the Innovation Week celebrated by the UAE

In conformity with the instructions of HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Maktoom, the UAE Vice President and Ruler of Dubai, regarding holding an Emirati innovation week from the 22nd till the 28th of November, ADEC launches during this week a number of programs and projects that contribute in reinforcing the concepts of innovation in our students, considering them the foundation of the UAE promising generation.

ADEC’s contributions are driven by the Council’s strategic plans which focus on founding and integrated system for knowledge production through focusing on STEM subjects.

The Council’s strategy is also based on encouraging students to carry out scientific research, motivating them to read and explore, and reinforcing the innovative approach in various educational fields, which will contribute in transforming Abu Dhabi schools into an environment of innovation and innovators.

ADEC announced that, during the Innovation Week, it will launch a number of projects and initiatives that support innovation, including “Programming for Life” initiative through a computer science project will be carried out in cooperation with Google. Moreover, ADEC will allocate a day in all schools of Abu Dhabi for innovative production to be the basis for competition among students. ADEC will also announce the launching of “Promising World” competition in cooperation with the “Young Scientist Competition”, which is held for the first time in the Arab World by the UAE represented by Abu Dhabi.

It’s worth mentioning that ADEC has announced at the beginning of this year the launching of an integrated innovation system in Abu Dhabi that is going to discover talents in students since early childhood and across fundamental and higher education, engaging the private sector, industries, governmental partners, and community in supporting knowledge society.

The innovation system includes 8 initiatives as a first batch within an integrated approach that depends on involving advanced industries and community, reinforces the innovation culture, builds a social culture that respects inventors and innovators, promotes the value of scientific logic as a means to analyze problems and find solutions, and transforms Abu Dhabi schools into environments the encourage innovation and innovators. These initiatives are the “Promising World”, “Innovation Ambassadors”, “Programming for Life”, “Abu Dhabi innovates”, “Innovation Barometer”, “Innovation Clubs”, “Innovative Leaders”, and “Science Ambassador”.