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ADEC announces the launch of school community project

he concept of implementing community schools comes in line with ADEC’s vision to equip students with 21st century skills that can help prepare them to compete with their peers globally.”

The Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) announced at a press conference held at the Al-Qima School in Abu Dhabi today, that members of the community can now access public school facilities including the gymnasium and learning resource centers after school hours during the evenings.

This project has been implemented after last year’s successful pilot program for community use of Abu Dhabi public school facilities.

Her Excellency Dr. Amal Al-Qubaisi, Director General of ADEC said: “ADEC’s strategic plans focus on graduating a skilled knowledge producing generation of students who are capable of addressing future challenges. “As part of equipping students with knowledge based experiences, and encouraging overall socio-development across our community, ADEC implemented the community center project which will promote a secure and safe environment filled with entertaining community based activities that are both cultural and educational throughout the day. The concept of implementing community schools comes in line with ADEC’s vision to equip students with 21st century skills that can help prepare them to compete with their peers globally.”

Dr. Al-Qubaisi pointed out that ADEC strives to develop a world-class quality education system which focuses on providing a student-centered learning environment rich with technology and learning resources, while offering diverse facilities such as sports and recreation, an outdoor court and a playing field, an indoor sports hall, a swimming pool, gymnasium, auditorium and library. “Those facilities will help serve the local community through providing access to the well-designed community centers which promote social interaction among community members.”

ADEC’s Director General emphasized ADEC’s keenness to enhance the role of educational institutions as a center of knowledge, promote partnerships across community entities, develop relationships with parents to contribute towards students and community learning, while consolidating the relationship between modern schools and society.”

ADEC DG’s indicated that the concept of community schools helps achieve Abu Dhabi’s Economic Vision 2030, support the promotion of world-class educational and health services, while promoting the role of a school being a cultural hub through allowing community members to access school facilities after school hours. “This would help create an ideal environment between parents, children and ADEC, while enhancing parental engagement in their children’s education.

“The community schools will offer enrichment programs to both students and parents after school hours, which will strengthen the role of the school and allow parents to enhance social ties, as well as promote the importance of the role of parents in a student’s life, and consolidate the relationship between schools and the community, which would result in gaining many benefits to the local community through developing a sense of responsibility and ownership,” added Dr. Al-Qubaisi.

Mr. Mohammad Salem Al-Dhaheri, ADEC’s Executive Director of school Operations, said that ADEC’s community schools will enhance communication with community members, especially with the help of an operational guide in each community school that will handle hierarchy of employment, administrative work, health and safety for kids and the community as well as maintain a sustainable professional work environment for staff members.

“We now have a total of 15 centers, five in Abu Dhabi, five in Al Ain and five in the Western Region which are open two days a week for men and another two days a week for women between 4pm to 8pm daily. Plans to open further centers are in place in the near future depending on parental and community demands. Members of the public will have access to a fully-fledged gymnasium, a swimming pool, laboratory, and learning resource centers,” said Mr. Al Dhaheri.

Dr. Al Qubaisi concluded her speech by calling out on parents of school students to participate with their children by taking part in after-hours community school activities.