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ADEC organizing 2015 UAE National Robot Challenge in Abu Dhabi

To help qualify winning students to take part in the 2015 WRO and FLL .

The Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC), the official National Organizer for the World Robot Olympiad (WRO) activities in the UAE, has invited over 400 coaches, teachers and mentors of robotics teams and clubs, to learn more about the UAE National Robot Challenge to be held on September 2015.

The WRO is a LEGO Mindstorms based robotics competition with categories and age groups catering for students approximately from Grade 3 to University Level. The competition is hosted in a different country each November, with over 50 member countries and more than 20,000 teams competing in the challenge annually.

During the launch, coaches, mentors, teachers interested in robotics, past participating coaches and judges from public, private and Ministry of Education (MoE) schools across the UAE, were given detailed information on ADEC’s participation in conjunction with the UAE Ministry of Education, in the First LEGO League (FLL) Pilot Project. Schools were also given details on how their students can participate in the competition.

The First LEGO League challenge for 2014-15 theme called “World Class Learning Unleashed,” is composed of up to ten children aged 9 to 16, with at least two screened lead coaches.

“ADEC will be selecting 30 teams from across both private and public schools and another 20 teams from across MoE schools to take part in the FLL. Participating in FLL is a wonderful experience for both children and coaches since it helps unleash potential talent based on 21st century skills, that are very much required in future career paths across the United Arab Emirates, with focus on fields such as Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM),” said Dr. Najla AlNaqbi, Program Manager e-Learning at ADEC’s P-12.

Dr. Al Naqbi emphasized through participating in the 2015 WRO UAE this September, teams of students may win the right to represent the UAE in November 2015 at the WRO International Final held in Doha, Qatar under the theme “ROBOT EXPLORERS.”

During the meeting, attendees learnt more about the international team selection process for WRO 2015, the judging measures concerned and the required equipment to bring along.

“Students from different age groups will be expected compete in the three different categories (open category, regulator category and Football WRO GEN II category) and for the first time take part inthe FLL challenge which is a completely separate competition altogether,” explained Dr. AlNaqbi.

The team of participating students will create innovative and exciting robots using naturally applied STEM related principals in a challenging yet fun-loving manner,” said Dr. NajlaAlNaqbi, Program Manager e-Learning at ADEC’s P-12, adding that each time students take part in WRO they come up with excellent results and reach the finals.

“We are very proud of our national team and are confident that they are more than capable in winning some of these educational robot competitions, especially with ADEC’s newly implemented curriculum reformations as part of the Abu Dhabi School Model that have already proven successful. Students are now intrigued to learn more about STEM education, since it encourages them to challenge their problem solving skills and become innovative, creative, think out of the box and search for solutions,” she concluded.