Complex Made Simple

ADM issues 20,000 building permits in 2015

Permit processing time cut, several services automated

The Abu Dhabi City Municipality has processed more than 20,000 building transactions this year, including 4679 building permits.

The Municipality has also made a quantum leap in cutting the time taken in processing different types of building transactions thanks to the improved policy and approach adopted.

The Municipality has also utilized all technological resources to complete the e-transformation, which resulted in automating several services and building permits transactions.

These achievements culminated the municipal system’s vision and keenness to streamline procedures and provide best-in-class services that realize the aspirations of the community as well as strategic partners, and contribute to supporting the sustainable development drive. Since the beginning of the year, the Municipality has issued more than 228 buildings demolition permits in Abu Dhabi.

Concerning the key programs and E-Systems adopted in Building Permits Division, the Municipality had launched the CDP program which is used for issuing permits, and the e-signature program which is used for signing and stamping permits and services.

In a bid to streamline procedures and expedite transactions processing, the Municipality has offered 104 e-services which have had a positive bearing on customers’ satisfaction and performance excellence.

From January 2015 to December 2015, the Municipality issued 2985 building maintenance & refurbishment permits, 2679 annexes permits, 2489 buildings trespassing permits, 1921 soil exploration permits, 1584 post-permit construction modification permits, 1009 trespassing permits (no annexes involved), 939 temporary tent permits within land plot boundaries, 889 design approval & peg inspection permits, 686 new or added boundary wall permits, 409 deferred construction approval permits, 62 tower crane permits, and 58 car sunshades permit within land plots, among hundreds of different building-related permits.

The Municipality is moving on a path aligned with the strategic vision for performance improvement launched by the municipal system with the aim of offering superior services in line with customers’ ambitions, besides adopting flexible procedures to ensure seamless & hassle-free transactions processing. The civic body has been taking a more proactive approach in implementing the e-transformation plan, and succeeded in overcoming challenges and phasing out traditional transactions processing methods. The step is also intended to keep pace with the urban growth in place and reflect the Municipality’s relentless endeavours to revolutionize the public services sector to offer urbanized services, particularly the issuance of building permits of all types.

Regarding the key online programs and systems used in Building Permits Division, the Municipality had availed scores of e-services including the crucial program of CDP, which induced a huge shift in performance and played a pivotal role in making the transition from traditionally paper-based formats to digital transactions. It has also helped expedite transactions processing, addressed the rising demand for building permits, and leveraged employees’ efficiency.

According to these facts, the Building Permits Division issues 70 building permits, property completion certificates/permits and 200 inspection applications on daily basis. The number of consultants and contractors using the program amounts to 6900. Moreover, the system enables customers to fill applications, besides submitting layouts, documents and all types of building permits to all concerned bodies online.

The Municipality has made great strides in service automation, including the currently used programs of e-signature, which is used for approving layouts in Building Permits Division. The manual signature has been replaced with an e-stamp carrying the name of the auditor, date of approval and other details that the auditor deems important. These details are stored in a barcode placed on the side menu of the layout where Division’s engineers can verify its validity date using a simple device or a barcode reader. The layout is approved and signed in the designated space on the side menu, where all information related to the project and approval steps are saved.

This system has many positives such as cutting the time taken by municipal engineers in approving and retrieving layouts, which resulted in automating all paper-based processes, thus uplifting performance, leveraging work efficiency, and ensuring safety & security during the approval process. The e-signature also ensures that layouts approved by the Municipality are reliable, and provides municipal engineers with streamlined and speedy steps to ensure that all legal requirements are fulfilled. The e-signature also enables supervision engineers at the Division to verify the approved layouts in construction sites and provide easy access to information related to the approval process.

According to the Municipality, the number of e-services on offer to customers through one electronic window amounted to 104.

The Building Permits Division, Abu Dhabi City Municipality has received many awards, where the e-signature project scooped the ICT Award in 2013.

The Municipality had migrated to more advanced e-services on its drive towards consolidating e-services standards by adopting a fully digital transactions processing approach in Building Permit Division. The step is intended to improve the mechanisms of processing urban projects transactions and provide superior municipal services to customers.

The new e-permit system has been fully operational long ago on the Municipality’s website, which contributed to expediting the various transaction completion processes including administrative and regulatory services, and issuing new building permits and other e-applications that serve customers’ interest and raise the bar on municipal performance.

Accelerating the issuance of building permits depends primarily on the cooperation of permit holders in terms of fulfilling permit requirements and the required documents. It also depends on their compliance with the technical standards and logistic support to ensure the integration of all project elements. Therefore, the Municipality is keen on meeting customer requirements at high quality and as per the standards & regulations in force in this aspect.

The transaction processing time is based on several administrative and technical factors including the quality of the design of the project submitted, and engineering calculations provided to achieve the desired building security level to be built, pursuant to which approvals are issued by the concerned engineering divisions at the Municipality before issuing the works commencement order after fulfilling all the applicable standards. The civic body highlighted the importance of cooperation & integration of all consulting offices & contractors, and the compliance with the period set for reviewing municipal permit, which reduces the permit issuance time, and ensures the completion of documents in a reasonable period of time.