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ADM marks Diabetes Day in Dalma Mall

The event illustrates the Municipality’s commitment to raise health awareness

The Abu Dhabi City Municipality has staged the World Diabetes Day event at Musaffah Municipal Center, in cooperation with strategic partners namely, Dar Al Shifa Hospital and Dalma Mall management.

The event demonstrates the vision of Abu Dhabi Municipal System aimed to ensure the highest health and safety standards among all community members. It also comes in the course of the Municipality’s drive to increase the awareness of all community members about adopting healthy lifestyles, avoiding health risks, and promoting the communal participation in perpetuating the healthy values and habits.

The Municipality has offered free diabetes screening and consultation for all community members including attendees of the World Diabetes Day events in Dalma Mall with the aim of detecting diabetes at an early stage. The diabetes awareness-raising campaign also highlighted the causes, prevention methods and complications of diabetes, as well as the difficulties that diabetic patients face in their daily lives. All necessary clinical services were provided, awareness spots were presented, and free medical treatment was offered at the health center at the mall during the Diabetes Day. The Municipality and its partners have distributed free brochures and publications to the public in order to improve their health regardless of the severity of the case. The campaign targeted diabetics in particular and mall visitors in general as well as those vulnerable to the disease with the aim of encouraging them to make positive changes in their lifestyle that would help them avoid this chronic disease.

The Municipality reiterated its keenness on conducting a series of systematic lectures, as well as educational and awareness campaigns in collaboration with its strategic partners including the concerned parties and institutions to ensure the highest public health standards, and protect the community from the serious implications resulting from unhealthy practices, besides warning them against the harmful substances that cause serious diseases such as diabetes. The Municipality participation in the World Diabetes Day is an integral part of its plans and objectives, where the civic body, in coordination with the health institutions, conducts a series of educational lectures presented by public health specialists.

The drive, mission and values of the municipal system underline the importance of increasing systematic activities, events and workshops aimed to improve all aspects of public health, and nudge individuals to adopt better practices to boost their immune system, prevent diseases and increase health awareness among the community. In keeping with these principles, the Municipality has drafted a community-based program to increase public awareness by utilizing such events throughout the year, including this event and embedding new values that provide a great deal of security, safety and health.

From this standpoint, the Municipality calls upon all community segments to participate effectively in all municipal events aimed to prop up community partnership, discuss community issues, heighten health & environmental awareness, and work jointly to ensure a healthy life at par with the world’s highest health and safety standards. The Community Services Division delivers dozens of events and programs throughout the year to open communication channels with all community members, provide services, and impart general knowledge about health, environment, community and recreational issues.