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ADUKG and the Cultural Intelligence Center host regional senior executives

The seminar was attended by CEOs and senior executives from the region’s leading organisations, including from GASCO, Borouge, and ADNATCO.

Abu Dhabi University Knowledge Group (ADUKG) and the Cultural Intelligence Center have hosted a select group of regional senior executives at an exclusive seminar focused on the cutting-edge concept of Cultural Intelligence for the GCC. Hosted at Abu Dhabi University, the intensive session provided a comprehensive introduction to how a leader can utilise cultural intelligence to better support the diversity and growth of their organisation.

The complimentary seminar was led by Dr. David Livermore, President of the Cultural Intelligence Center, and a global expert on Cultural Intelligence and global leadership. He is the president of the Cultural Intelligence Center, based in the United States, and has worked extensively with Fortune 500 multinationals, governments and NGOs in over 100 countries.

The seminar was attended by CEOs and senior executives from the region’s leading organisations, including from GASCO, Borouge, and ADNATCO.

Cultural Intelligence is a globally-recognised method of assessing and improving an individual’s effectiveness in multicultural environments. It has rapidly been adopted as a crucial part of personnel development programmes in global organisations such as Google, Facebook and Harvard Business School. The seminar participants, all leaders of prominent regional organisations, were able to gain an advanced insight into how it can support greater productivity, creativity and growth in the organisations they lead.

“Cultural Intelligence is especially relevant to the multicultural workplaces of the GCC. ADUKG always strives to bring the very best global thought leaders and new ideas to the region, supporting the whole community with advanced knowledge that drives sustainable growth. This seminar is an excellent example of that aim and will, I am sure, drive awareness of the many benefits of Cultural Intelligence,” said Dr. Ahmad Badr, Chief Executive Officer of ADUKG.

Dr. David Livermore added: “The nature of Cultural Intelligence is ideally suited to the culturally diverse landscape of the UAE, which makes it the ideal place to begin to expand awareness of our work across the region. Cultural Intelligence goes beyond a basic understanding of cultural differences to measuring and developing an overall skillset for working effectively across culturally diverse environments. This is very relevant to the UAE, where Nationals and expats need to be able work with dozens of different cultures.

“ADUKG is the ideal partner for us as it is a unique bridge with organisations in the region. This reflects the nature of what we do – taking our academic scholarship and making it practical and relevant for companies in the Middle East.”

As part of the programme, participants undertook their own Cultural Intelligence Assessment, and gained a personalised insight into their results. This provided an increased self-awareness of their own cultural perspectives, and allowed them to learn new approaches to applying cultural intelligence in their everyday life.