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Got $1000? Unique Dubai-based crytpo will allow you to buy properties easy

Who ever thought that anyone, yes, anyone with as little as $1000 can buy, rent, trade in real estate?

This will become a dream come true soon,as soon as an initial coin offering (ICO) concludes this month.

A new investment portal has launched offering a real estate linked-crypto currency that enables investors to seize property investment opportunities all over the world, primarily in key markets such as Dubai, Mexico and Australia.

Etherty’s business concept capitalises on the increasing local and international investment movement in the real estate market.

Experts estimate the global total value of developed real estate to be over $217 trillion, significantly higher than the total global traded equities and securitised debt instruments put together.

In 2016, global real estate transactions reached $661bn.

“ We are out to disrupt this trillion-dollar industry by breaking the barrier of entry for investment for as low as $1000. The company is the only blockchain-based, real estate-focused trading platform where investors can network, co-invest and realize their cross-border investments,” said Murtaza Khan, CEO, Etherty.

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One step-solution

The Ethery Trading Portal (ETP) at is envisioned to be a one-stop solution for all global or local property transactions from a laptop or smartphone; and enable anyone to network with fellow real estate investors.

Etherty offers a portfolio of properties backed by standardised indicators to users to crowd-sale, buy and trade just as in the stock market; and couples with all the necessary services to facilitate their investment, to make for seamless international property trading.

“Imagine being able to gain access to a country’s property boom from anywhere in the world, without the need to get involved in local bureaucracy and processes, using straightforward and transparent transactions secured by blockchain and smart contracts,” added Khan.

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Crypto token

Along with the portal’s launch, Etherty will also introduce the crypto currency token (ETY), which enables seamless transactions of a wide range of property assets whilst also acting as a medium of exchange and a store of value.

Cryptocurrencies are normally viewed as a very vol­atile investment medium, but the ETY is backed with properties infusing them with material value, as collateralised buildings will not just disappear.

This limits the user’s risk in buying Etherty tokens and will provide returns from rent as soon as a property token is purchased.

Furthermore, the tra­ditional illiquidity in real estate markets is made rel­atively easier to liquidate by the Etherty trading plat­form, where buyers and sellers can quickly purchase and sell.

By offering a trading platform where property tokens can be traded, in an open transparent market, properties can be examined according to sector, property type and location. This empowers the users with all the tools necessary to be a truly global property dealer right at their fingertips.

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Etherty is planning an ICO 15th March 2018, with a total supply of 240 million ETY tokens.

All the tokens will be distributed following the completion of the ICO.

New tokens cannot be created, and existing tokens cannot be destroyed, will make the value of ETY rise in value with time, as more trade traffic goes through the site.

“The result is value appreciation of the token as more users join the platform to participate in property sales and perform trades,” said the company statement.

“The platform’s network growth program will also reward new users and partners to earn tokens for their contribution in growing the platform.”

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Durise Deal

Recently, Etherty has signed an agreement deal with Durise, as its strategic partner in Dubai, to act as a trust or custodian for real estate assets sold through the ETP.

This will allow Durise to grow the portfolio of assets under their management while allowing Etherty to market the Dubai real estate to a global audience.

“Durise and Etherty will collaborate on real estate crowd funding projects to ease the transaction related pain points and ease of ownership-transfers of units and assets by utilising the payment, smart contracts and ledger capabilities of the Etherty platform,” said Waleed Esbaitah, Founder, Durise, a Dubai-based crowdfunding real estate platform.

Adding :“Real estate will always be a collateralized and solid investment, in all kinds of market conditions, therefore, securing cryptocurrencies by tying them to real property is a tremendous step towards creating stability for investors.”

“With a mobile first strategy, access to the platform will be via Android, iOS and web-based apps. Trading will always be available no matter where a user is. The user experience will be simplified to ensure a high level of participation from a large user-base,” ended Khan.