Complex Made Simple to launch a mobile application for Android and iOS

The world is going mobile, and owing to this, has today announced its plans to launch a mobile application to reach more and more parents looking for after school activities for their children. is UAE’s only web platform that allows parents to find, plan and book children’s activities, and helps kid’s activities providers to get found online. Considering the dearth in the communication between parents and activity providers, was launched with an aim to guide parents via a single platform where the activities can be searched as per location, genre and complete information can be viewed in terms of availability, price, timings, and the like. Being the forerunner in the space of after school activities, has carved a niche for itself.

With the growth in the mobile market, about 50% of the visitors on come through the mobile platform, and thus the company has decided to upgrade its offering in order to further improve customer convenience. The parents will now be able to view, plan and book activities for their children directly from their mobile devices. The mobile application will be launched for Android as well as the iOs platform, being compatible with the latest software updates.

Just like the website, the application will remain free to join for parents. All business listings from the website will be available on the mobile application and will be updated as regularly as the website.

As on date, is visited by over 10,000 parents each month. Additionally, there are 8000+ Newsletter subscriptions, 6000+ Social Media members and 500+ Monthly leads. We are hopeful that all our registered parents and more, will benefit from the launch of the mobile application, which is scheduled for January 2015.

On this announcement, Cottie Ayad, Marketing Executive at said, “Our research team is constantly thinking of new and innovative ways to assist parents better. The changing times only called for an extension of the web platform onto the mobile one, and we are very excited to have made this announcement.”