Complex Made Simple

AHD diagnoses cancer within hours

The American Hospital of Dubai (AHD) has announced that it is the first private hospital in the UAE to make available to residents a sophisticated technology to make a definite diagnosis on some cancers within hours rather than days, saving precious time for patients, Gulf News reported. flow cytometer, a sophisticated laser cell counter system, is able to diagnose tumours of blood cells (leukaemia) and lymph nodes (lymphoma) and help expedite treatment. Dr Aaron Han, Hematopathologist and Chief of Pathology at AHD, explained: “Flow Cytometry is a sophisticated instrument that can specifically analyse cells using a laser detector. The patient’s tissue is obtained through biopsy or blood draw and this specimen is analysed. The cells are first marked with specific antibodies that can distinguish and differentiate different cell types through lasers. The information, referred to as immunophenotyping is then interpreted through skills of a highly trained certified cytometrist. Initial results are available within two hours rather than days. Typically, it is used for examination of blood, bone marrow, or lymph node specimens,” he explained. “With traditional diagnostic methods it is very difficult to make a definitive diagnosis in most cases of lymphomas and leukaemias. Immunophenotyping information from flow cytometry gives us the information needed to be certain, and it also informs treatment decisions, predicts tumour behaviour, prognosis and outcome,”