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AHS hosts Awareness Campaign on ophthalmic diseases at Al Qua’a Healthcare Center

Ambulatory Healthcare Services, a SEHA health system facility, marked World Sight Day with an awareness campaign on ophthalmic diseases. Held on Thursday, October 16 in association with the Emirates Medical Association Ophthalmic Society, the initiative offered complementary screenings, useful tips and preventative methods on ophthalmic disorders especially for adults and people suffering from chronic conditions.

An experienced team of healthcare professionals from AHS comprising an ophthalmologist and a number of nurses, offered free consultations from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM at Al Qua’a Healthcare Center.

During the campaign, 55 patients were examined for various ophthalmic conditions and disorders such as diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and impaired vision. This resulted in 26 fundus screenings, 28 refraction tests, 12 referrals as well as medication for 10 patients. The session highlighted measures to prevent the onset of debilitating eye conditions.

Commenting on the success of the ophthalmology campaign, Dr. Omar Al Jaberi, Chief Medical Officer at AHS, said: “Eye sight is one of the greatest blessings of Allah, which we must respect and feel gratitude for by according the right care and through following preventative measures against various types of ophthalmic disorders. Studies indicate that most blindness conditions can be successfully prevented through regular screenings. This is especially imperative for people with chronic diseases such as diabetes, who are more vulnerable to eye problems than others. Conducting this campaign on World Sight Day articulates our commitment to contributing to public health through improving ophthalmic disease awareness. In providing valuable information on preventative methods, we hope to significantly reduce the number of ophthalmic conditions in our society. I would also like to thank EMA for their support in organizing this campaign.”

The ophthalmology campaign was held as part of AHS’s societal awareness – programme in remote areas of Abu Dhabi. The initiative also coincided with World Sight Day, which aims to draw global attention to visual impairments and ophthalmic disorders.
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