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Al Ain Water aims for increased awareness of bottled water composition

Al Ain Water – one of the leading bottled water brands in the UAE, announced the launch of a unique proposition which aims to increase public awareness about water composition and the right balance of essential minerals required by your body. Al Ain Water is a key product in Agthia’s Consumer Business Division portfolio.

This proposition supplements a new marketing campaign – ‘Keeps You Moving’, introduced late 2014, in support of the launch of Al Ain Water’s new eco-friendly bottle and contemporized branding. This campaign positions Al Ain Water as a brand with an attitude of uncompromising quality and heritage, making it ‘your trusted companion’. It also seeks to aid customers in recognizing Al Ain Water as the most balanced bottled water with an optimal composition of essential minerals your body requires for a healthy lifestyle.

“The general perception in the market is to merit the nutritional status of bottled water solely on low sodium content – a position that Al Ain Water challenges, as many essential minerals are required to support one’s overall health,” says Fasahat Beg – Executive Vice President of Agthia Consumer Business Division. “Under this campaign, Al Ain Water champions an optimal mix of several essential minerals such as – Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Chloride, in addition to Sodium.”

Calcium is the leading contributor to healthy bones and regulation of blood pressure, while Magnesium is considered important for building protein reserves. For those involved in heavy physical exertion on a daily basis, having the right amount of Potassium is vital for fluid regulation while Chloride restores neutrality to an acidic stomach.

This campaign also focuses on educating parents on the importance of introducing water with the right composition of essential minerals in their children’s diet, while encouraging the practice of proper rehydrating with water as a means of strengthening their immune system.

Fasahat Beg further emphasized the need for proper consumer understanding of the role each mineral plays in creating an ideal balance for one’s body, especially given the extreme climate in the UAE, and a growing health consciousness among consumers.

As the new campaign rolls out in the market, Al Ain Water and Agthia will continue to drive a growing understanding of wholesome nutrition for its consumers. This is in line with the Company’s committment to provide a wide range of wholesome and nutritious consumer-relevant products to encourage a healthy lifestyle.

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