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Al Ain Zoo receives donation from Dubai International Academy

Al Ain Zoo received a generous donation from students at the Dubai International Academy following a two month campaign which is part of the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program. During the campaign, the students developed initiatives to assist the Zoo in protecting endangered animals.

Working together for two months, the students coordinated a series of school events where they raised 1,500 dirhams that were donated to Al Ain Zoo’s conservation program of the Arabian Leopard.

Commenting on this, Muna Al Dhaheri, Chief of Conservation and Education at Al Ain Zoo, said, “Education is a core element of Al Ain Zoo’s vision, and it is committed to educational activities and programs aligned with school curriculums in the UAE. The zoo is dedicated to nurturing the future generation of scientists and environmentalists. We are grateful for this wonderful initiative that reflects constant support for our animalconservation efforts.”

The donation was presented to Mrs. Muna Al Dhaheri by Mr. Timothy Richardson, Primary School Deputy Principal at Dubai International Academy. Al Ain Zoo plans to use this money for future education and conservation initiatives which focus on the plight of the Arabian Leopard, and the efforts to save and protect this endangered species.

Earlier this year, Al Ain Zoo hosted four passionate and dedicated students from the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program at the Dubai International Academy, involved in a school project about Endangered Wildlife in the United Arab Emirates. They visited the Zoo to carry out a research project on endangered species.

The student’s main focus was the Arabian Leopard, and they spent time with Education Managers at Al Ain Zoo, gathering field notes and asking questions about endangered species, and the efforts carried out to protect these animals. The Education Department, together with The Animal Collection Department arranged for the students to spend an hour in the Leopard enclosure, assisting the Zoo Keeper with cleaning the enclosure and to pick-up any leaves and faeces. The students also visited the sandy areas, where they were able to observe the animals in the back of house enclosure.

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