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Al Forsan hosts prestigious equestrian certification ceremony

The recipients of the BHS certificate included a group of talented Abu Dhabi Police!

Al Forsan International Sports Resort was proud to host an exclusive certification ceremony to mark the graduation of a new alumni of talented riders, who were awarded the coveted British Horse Society (BHS) Stage 1 Exam.


The conference itself was hosted by a plethora of media and dignitaries, alongside a large police contingent from Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Winners included a talented group of Abu Dhabi Police, as well as a deserving team of Al Forsan instructors, all who proved themselves to be exceptional horsemen.


The grueling BHS Stage 1 Exam was based in two distinct sections including (a) the ride and horse knowledge section and (b) care section. To be successful in the ride section, the rider had to be able to ride a schooled horse in a balanced and professional manor. They were required to exhibit sound basic principles and skills in riding horses on the flat, as well as over poles in the light seat. In addition, the rider had to show that they could to walk and trot without stirrups showing a balanced secure seat. On the other hand, to be successful in the horse knowledge and care section, the rider had to be able to safely and efficiently understand and groom their animal, with the utmost care and respect.


Riders were also required to undergo pre-assessment before taking the exam, and were required to attend a rigorous training regiment, as well as the obligatory home study. They also needed to have the correct riding uniform and take routine daily tasks with the horses. This covered 80 hours of sessions conducted five hours a day, five days a week in four weeks and was headed by a qualified BHS instructor.


After the enormous success of the winter examinations, Al Forsan encourages eager equestrian lovers to sign up for the April Exams! Full cost for the training including BHS handbook and examination is AED 16,800 per rider. This will cover 80 hours of sessions conducted five hours a day, five days a week in four weeks and headed by a qualified BHS instructor. Al Forsan looks forward to welcoming the next generation of BHS hopefuls to its equestrian center!


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