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Al Hilal Bank joins annual UAEFA President’s Cup ‘Trophy Tour’ kickoff

Bank marks 7th consecutive year of active support for premier football tournament

Al Hilal Bank has joined the kickoff press conference for the annual UAE Football Association (UAEFA) President’s Cup’s Trophy Tour at the Association’s Dubai Headquarters.

The tour will once again generate interest in the country’s premier professional football tournament which Al Hilal Bank is supporting for the seventh year in a row. The press conference was attended by UAEFA Board Member H.E. Mohammed Abdulaziz and H.E. Yousuf Yaqoob Al-Serkal, President of UAEFA.

Last year’s President’s Cup’s Trophy visited 11 selected sites across the UAE – including Al Hilal Bank’s Mall Branch at the Corniche in Abu Dhabi which will again host the Trophy on May 27. The public is invited to come over and appreciate the Winner’s Cup and take some souvenir photographs. Al Hilal Bank will again conduct a series of activities in celebration of the Tour and the tournament in general this year.

In a speech delivered during the conference, Mariam Yousef Ahli, Head of Corporate Communications at Al Hilal Bank thanked UAEFA for bringing excitement and inspiration to the nation’s football fans. She also explained the importance of the Trophy Tour and urged the public to support the league and its players.

“Football is ingrained in the hearts and minds of the citizens of the UAE and the entire Arab World. The President’s Cup deserves our attention, admiration and full support as it brings out the best in its players, upholds the spirit of sportsmanship and athleticism, and unites the entire country around its favorite sport. Al Hilal Bank is proud of its active participation in this tournament and pledges to help generate awareness and anticipation over this year’s games,” said Ahli.

H.E. Al-Serkal added: “The President’s Cup has managed to stay highly successful and relevant thanks to the support of concerned organizations such as Al Hilal Bank. We appreciate the enthusiastic efforts of our partners to uplift our tournament and our Association. We have a great league in store ahead to reward those who believe in our organization and in the wonderful sport of football.”

The UAE President’s Cup was founded in 1974 as a tribute to the UAE’s Head of State. The prestigious tournament has been the training ground for many of the country’s football stars. Al Hilal Bank has been staunchly supporting the event through various unique initiatives such as a UAEFA co-branded ‘football credit card’ issued in 2012. This forms part of the banks support and advocacy for sports development.

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