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Al-Jazeera Paints commences training campaign in KSA

To insure quality and safety in the execution of its products to clients.

Al-Jazeera Paints, the giant of high quality paints industry in the Middle East and adjoining regions, commenced the training campaign on its new and innovative applications on a number of its featured products which witnessed a massive turnout by clients. This has stemmed from company keenness to the importance of training and its role in perfect application of all sort of products and in realization of its clients and consumers desires and aspirations.

The training process started with the contest “Participate and Win” (Sharik Warbah) which intended to motivate paint technicians on mastering the execution of new applications and innovative, most impressive, elegant and brilliant colors of Al-Jazeera Paints decorative products. These are the products used for interior parts of the buildings and inspired by the nature in its formations including seas, rivers, mountains, snow, valleys, plains, deserts, dunes, trees, fruits, and all kind of living species that dwell on it. This will enable man to live in his house and in his office in a creative and special experience that is far away from routine and one that takes him to different worlds of tranquility and amiability.

In this context, Mr. Abdullah bin Saud Al-Romaih, Al-Jazeera Paints General Manger stressed on the importance of training to rehabilitation paint applicators technicians who spread in all paint markets in and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

He noted that a specialized and professional team that possess high skills, is entrusted with the training process to ensure the quality and safety of executing all Al-Jazeera paints products in general and its decorative paints and their application which the company was the only company to offer them in the market in particular. This was done to serve and meet the clients aspirations who seek to have outstanding products and results, noting that the number of trainees exceeded 250 in one day only and that a number of them have earned valuable prizes at the conclusion of the contest.

Al-Jazeera Paints decorative bundle exemplifies shining flashes and they act in a harmonious, unexpected and impressive colorful way that are indispensable component of paints for final coating of all kind of buildings. They have a vital impact on the shape and look of the painted places whether in contemporary houses or palaces, offices, hotels, restaurant or rest houses. They are also coupled with attractive colors that meet the aspirations of those with elegant tastes.

Al-Jazeera Paints was capable of creating a new vision about paints through providing unique products that emulate the aspirations of its clients coupled with high quality and attractive untraditional colors.

It is worth noting that the training campaign has kicked off from Abha city in Asir and will it continue in the upcoming period to different cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and countries that import the company products.

Al-Jazeera Paints carries out lots of training sessions on paint techniques and arts annually which attracts paint applicators technicians. The company also has E-training through latest communication mediums including its website on the internet along with its iDecor and iJazeera colors and décor applications on smartphones.