Complex Made Simple

Al-Jazeera Paints contributes to developmental projects with dedicated road paints

(Al-Jazeera Afro) colors decorate (Al Rehab Walkway) in Jeddah

In a stretch of its past successes that span different fields and in fortification of its constructive role in contributing to the Kingdom development and modernization march that spans all over the Kingdom, especially in regard to governmental development projects, Al-Jazeera Paints, the giant of high quality paint industry in the Middle East and surrounding regions won the approval of its specialized road products to execute (Al Rehab Walkway) project, located in Jeddah after it was approved to execute these products in the King Abdul Aziz Rd., also.

(Al-Jazeera Afro), the approved product for the project, is considered the best product according to the federal specification: TT-P-1952E Type III in regard to defining road marks, determining their paths before vehicles drivers, reflecting light and durability on the road for long period of times without losing its capabilities including clarity during day hours and reflection at night, which allows for sufficient vision distance, thus avoiding vehicles accidents. The tests proved that the product is the best in this regard compared to all other paints as it allows drivers to enter into the service road and return from it within a short period of time, in addition to contributing effectively to avoiding traffic jams as a result of maintenance works.

Mr. Abdullah bin Saud Al-Romaih, Al-Jazeera Paints General Manger stressed on the important role played by road paints in safety and security along with its role in mitigating painful accidents on major and minor roads in and out cities, which cause human and material loses. He explained that the importance of (Al-Jazeera Afro) is not confined to traffic safety and security but extends to environmental safety and preservation as an environmentally responsible paint as well as a water based paint. It plays a distinguished role in regards to safeguarding lives, vehicles and environment combined in addition to its ability to create a safe environment when applied and its ease in reapplication as it maintains the glass pebbles which provide light reflection which in return make road marks easy to recognize.

Al-Jazeera Paints manufacture road paints of its keenness to safeguard lives and from its social responsibility as a leading company. It studied the latest scientific discoveries in the field of road safety and security along with durability, clarity and reflection thus preserving the beauty of the cities. Clearest, most elegant and durable colors were selected carefully, thus, making available a whole set of road safety and security paints. Among them are: (Al-Jazeera Afro), (Al-Jazeera Afro Raseef) which possesses qualities of clarity, color durability and elegance and (Al-Jazeera Afro Aman) which is used on concrete partitions to warn against road dangers. It also include (Al-Jazeera Afro Aman Akis ) which reflects light during night time to warn against road dangers. All three previous products are (UV) resistant. There is also (Al-Jazeera Afro – Florescent) which glows during day and at night, used for partitions and pillars in car parking lots along with (Al-Jazeera Afro – Mudhee) which illuminates for hours in dark areas used for tunnels, parking and emergency exits.

“Al Rehab Walkway” project is located between Um Al Qura Street and Al Haramain Road with a total area of 60 thousand square meters and stretches over 1500 meter in long and 40 meters in width. Officials in Jeddah consider it as a breather for local communities and visitors, yet transforming it from a challenge into an opportunity.

“The walkway” is equipped with the latest equipment in so as to be a breathing space for all community segments along with elderly people and those with special needs. It is considered the first sports walkway with rubber floors, containing sophisticated equipment that allow to practice different hobbies including (walking, jogging, biking, athletics and mural painting.) It is the first walkway that is care with fine artists as it provides 16 murals with a total area of 350 square meters. It contains also sitting chairs, umbrellas for relaxation along with car parking lots.