Complex Made Simple

AL-Jazeera paints gives lectures in three Jordanian and Egyptian universities

Attended by hundreds of students of engineering and science faculties and members of the educational institutions

The AL- Jazeera Paints , giant paints industry in the Middle East and the neighboring regions gave a number of lectures at 3 Egyptian and Jordanian universities ,included AL-Azhar university , Alexandria university and AL-Balka’a applied university , attended by hundreds of students of engineering and science faculties in addition to the members of their educational institutes .

The lectures focused on the innovative Jazeera Paints bundle (Smart paints), which it has launched after extensive study to extract the specific requirements of the various slices in the world of paints.

According to this study , the research and development centerat AL-Jazeera paints, which is one of the most distinctive research centers at the regional level collected all the requirements should be available in paints so it included sustainability features and super endurance, effectiveness and multi usages , in addition to interacting with the surroundings .

The manager of AL-Jazeera paints academy , engineer Nawras Al-Remawe pointed out that the bundle includes ( AL-Jazeera Novel ) product , which is different from other products because of its freshness colors , easy to clean , less odor , resistance to flame spread and its resistance to microbes , in addition to imparting luxury and splendor to the places which are adorned with it and gives them spacious dimensions and incomparable great final touch . Besides, providing healthy environment to people living in these buildings , (AL-Jazeera Oxi Care ) , the healthy paint that filters the air inside the buildings and improves its quality depending on the inhibition of formaldehyde gas technique and absorbed from various sources and can be used in all rooms of the house , at hospitals and patients’ rooms , and it is available in broad wide colors , ( AL-Jazeera anti microbic Agion ) , the first paint in the Middle East that eliminates microbes using the technology of silver ions and provides sterilization to avoid microbes damage , reduces the spread of infection within the operations and childbirth in hospitals’ rooms, medical laboratories and plants manufacturing and packaging of foodstuffs.

He added that the bundle also includes (AL-Jazeera Fire Damp) fire resistant and winning the certificate of Exova Warringtonfire responding to all most developed international standards and specifications, to expand the opportunities to save lives and properties and the protection of major projects and facilities from the danger of collapse, (AL-Jazeera Reval ) which withstands the phenomenon of writing and drawing on the walls , (AL-Jazeera ultimate ) processor for cracks in the walls , (AL-Jazeera Royal Grand ) the flexible water Paint , which has the characteristics of alkali carbonation resistance , the protection of rebar in concrete against rust , prevents cracking of concrete and bridges , resistance to pick up dirt and dust , the ability to stretch and elongation, permission for the passage of water vapor , and resistance to moisture and salt and others , and ( AL-Jazeera Afro ) , specially for roads and traffic safety in order to assist in the preservation of life and properties and reduces the painful accidents rates on primary and secondary roads within and outside the cities .

He also pointed out that this bundle converges sustainable qualities , ultra-durable , the effectiveness and versatility, as well as the interaction with the surroundings , has many advantages and unique characteristics, and has the highest quality grades. It was designed to provide the highest degree of endurance and be able to withstand the various factors and circumstances surrounding , suits all uses and environments and maintain the human health and environmental sustainability together . So it is used for hospitals, schools and locations of businesses and factories, roads and others , rather than its efficiency and reliability and compatibility with the requirements of modern life .

The AL-Jazeera paints communicates with different kinds of people who are interested in the affairs of urbanization , health and the environment to enhance its community and developmental role in various sectors and is keen to develop their products and manufacturing high-quality , modern and safe paints environmentally by using the latest international technologies.