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Al-Jazeera Paints inaugurates a regional HQ and a showroom in Tabouk

Aiming at providing best products, most elegant services to its clients

Al-Jazeera Paints, the giant of high quality paint industry in the Middle East and surrounding regions inaugurated a new showroom and regional headquarter in Tabouk area. Eng. Dhiafu Allah Al Faidi, Deputy Secretary General of the Construction Development in Tabouk Municipality cuts the ribbon marking the inauguration of the showroom in Al Murouj neighborhood accompanied by Mr. Khalid Al Juhani, the regional director of Tabouk area.

They toured all around the showroom with the attendance of a group of invitees and a number of company employees in the area.

The 700 square meters showroom provides outstanding services for Al-Jazeera Paints clients in the area and meets their requirements and desires of the best kind of architectural, industrial, marine, and decorative paints along with protective coatings, wood paints, environmentally responsible paints as well as fire-retardant and road paints.

The showroom has 12 exemplary rooms personifying innovative heritage and contemporary designs that incorporates paints and colors in which they are in line with the color of furniture and furnishings which are distributed in the showroom in an extremely harmonious way. They draw the attention of the visitor and catch his eye that causes him to be inspired by it when apply them in his home. It inspires him to see what his house will look like when using Al-Jazeera decorative bundle such as Al-Jazeera Shomoukh, Al-Jazeera Rawa, Al-Jazeera Worood, Al-Jazeera Chamois, Al-Jazeera Marmo, Al-Jazeera Mashashco and Al-Jazeera Children paint. Additionally, he will see the effects of using (Al-Jazeera Novel), one of its innovative (Smart Paints) bundle used as a final coat that is easy to clean, resists stains and environmentally responsible conforming to the (Green Seal) standards and specifications for environmental responsibility of manufactured paints according to high performance requirements that mitigate the percentage of harmful organic and volatile components (VOC).

The showroom has 77 portraits showcasing company products in addition to a color center where the visitor can select the preferred color that suits his house and the different rooms, salons and premises therein easily and with joy. Moreover, it has electronic screens that assist the visitor to select his favorite paints and colors. It also contains on the spot coloring service through the latest paint coloring equipment alongside the necessary tools for applying all kind of paints, yet contributing to serve the paint applicators in executing their works innovatively, leading to the best results that may satisfy clients.

On the other hand , Al-Jazeera Paints inaugurated its new regional headquarters for Tabouk area which is located on a strategic location in mid-town Tabouk (Main King Fahd Road- 50th Buidling-6th Floor ). The place is built on 400 square meters area and equipped in a way that make the atmosphere an ideal working environment that may motivate employees to strive even more in line with company goals and objectives. The building includes the new headquarters which is one of the most elegant of company showrooms in the region.

Al-Jazeera Paints has a wide network of showrooms all over the Kingdom along with countries that get its products exported to. Their location were selected with utmost care that may bring it closer to clients and supported with the best trained cadre to assist clients in their selection from a wide range of specialized and distinguished products that may suit their different tastes. Its regional headquarters are distributed in many areas of the Kingdom including Al Riyadh, Al Dammam, Jeddah, Al Madinah Al Munawarah, Tabouk, Skaka, Al Baha and Khameis Mushait while the regional headquarters for projects is situated in Al Riyadh and its main headquarters is located in Khamis Mushayt.