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Al-Jazeera Paints invites you to visit its pavilion in BIG 5 -Dubai

Launching with participation of 2800 exhibitors, including 100 Saudi companies

Al-Jazeera Paints the giant of high quality paints industry in the Middle East and the adjoining regions,invites you to visit its pavilion (8D341 ) in the BIG 5 exhibition which starts today, the 23rd of November 2015 in Dubai World Trade Centre in the U.A.E. The exhibition will last for 4 days with participation of 100 Saudi exhibitors.

Al-Jazeera Paints Company participation for the 3rd time in this exhibition is considered as the gate to the building and construction markets in the region as a headline of Al-Jazeera Paints role to look forward to both local and Gulf markets levels, that witness large growth and development to enhance its leadership of paints market in the region .

Mr. Abdullah bin Saud Al-Romaih, the general manager of the Al-Jazeera Paints Company assured that, the importance of Al-Jazeera participation in this exhibition to acquaint the participants of the innovative, techniques, creativity, color solutions and its high quality products, this is to raise the ceiling of its competition and expanding its exporting opportunities, especially the huge increase of visitors to this exhibition by decision makers of contracting companies, engineering consultations, pointed out the effectiveness and honorable participation of the Al-Jazeera Paints Company outside the Kingdom rather than inside. He also stated that it will reveal a number of the latest products that meet the needs and wishes of its clients which suit their good tastes, which considered as creative solutions to urban projects rather than matching the modern international trends in building and urbanization concerning both health and safety.

He also added that the company will showcase its book of ( color solutions ), which is considered as an inspiration and a reference for home designers and interior design students and other people who are interested in the décor, such as engineers and others. It also offered some suggestions and color solutions to the buildings and its rooms like the hall, reception room, living room, office room, bedroom, in addition to the building dependencies such as the kitchen, the bathroom and the children’s playing places etc. The exhibition offers useful information to avoid haphazard of choosing the colors. This book contains about 150 harmonious, successful and a type of color scheme that can be applied in house, the workplace and office. These schemes have been carefully chosen from Al-Jazeera color fan ( colors harmony ), which contains around 2000 colors, that can be used in applying Al-Jazeera paints for colors & decor (I Décor) to have an idea about it.

Mr.Al-Romaih, also pointed out that company will showcase high quality prominent bundle of its products the top of them the developed product (Al-Jazeera Novel), the paint of final coat ,the washable and stains resistant, which is also featured by color serenity and flush, easy to clean, low odor, and providing luxury to the painted places as it provides spacious dimensions and splendid final touch. It also provides healthy environment to the buildings’ inhabitants depending on our environmentally responsible.

These features are unique and they can make positive effect in response to people’s needs whether it is inside houses or in the crowded places like residential, commercial compounds, the hospitals, the universities, the schools and the airports, the company spares no efforts to develop this product to ensure several features that the client wishes to be available in this outstanding paint. So it became evident that this product contains the previous features in addition to its prevention to flame spread contributing in fire fighting and its resistance to microbes growth. So it has a fundamental role in limiting diseases and infection.

He added that, the company will showcase ( Al-Jazeera Oxcycare, Al-Jazeera Reval, Al-Jazeera Antimicrobic Agion, Al-Jazeera Royal Grand, Al-Jazeera Ultimate, Al-Jazeera Firedamp, Al-Jazeera Afro). They are its innovative products (Smart Paints ), in addition to its latest products for floors paints, roads paints, wood paints, steel paints and a number of its latest interior and exterior décor products which embodied modern luxury to meet the aspirations to those of good tastes.