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AL-Jazeera paints launches its Matrix and Extreme products in markets

The two products are available now at all branches of the kingdom and since they are featured with high quality and specifications

Within its successful continuous series in the context of seeking to respond and satisfy the endless desires of its clients , AL-J azeera the giant in high quality paints in the Middle East and the adjoining regions launched strongly its new products (AL-Jazeera Matrix) and ( AL-Jazeera Extreme ) ,cement products highly forthcoming to the market of paints and building materials .

The two products offer solutions to many of the problems at the establishment stage whereas , the AL-Jazeera Matrix is considered the effective solution to leveling and smoothness of the interior surfaces and walls , while the AL Jazeera Extreme works as effective solution to leveling ,fixing and smoothing all exterior surfaces, horizontal and vertical ones whether they are concrete or substrates plasters to be used in bridges , tunnels and concrete pillars . The two products are featured by strong adhesion , excellent coverage and easy air space filling in both concrete and substrates plasters , in addition to its high resistant water feature , easy to use and apply and providing in the handling of cracks and holes .

The two products are available now at all branches of the kingdom and since they are featured with high quality and specifications , they are increasingly demanded by a huge number of customers whether they are individuals or the corporations concerning contracting field in which they found the best solution to many of the problems they face and the problems that paint technicians face at the establishment stage .

Mr. Abdullah Bin Saud Al –Romaih, the board member and the general manager of the readymade cement production section, ensured the continual seeking to present high quality paints responding to the needs and desires of the clients , referring that AL-Jazeera is in its way to launch a bundle of high quality cement products and launching them soon in the markets , hoping to enrich the markets with these products and contributing to provide its increased requirements , enhancing to its developmental role and notable position inside and outside the Kingdom .

Mr. Al Romaih also pointed out that AL-Jazeera paints allocated production lines with high advanced techniques for its cement productions with production capacity of an order of 20 tons an hour along a distance of 48,000 square meters at the industrial city of Sedair ,subsidiary to the Riyadh region , pointing out that the process of preparing and providing (AL-Gazeera Matrix ) and (AL-Jazeera Extreme ) has been supervised by competent elite of engineers in the development and research centre in the company .In this centre ,which is comparable to the most advanced and sophisticated international centers ,the two products have been tested and proved very well , also they have been tested and proved in the research and natural landscape center, which is considered the unique center in the Middle East specialized in field researches and tests, whereas all the specimens are exposed to all types of weather conditions for many years up to 15 years to know the product hypothetical age and how durable and resistance it is to weather conditions which it may be exposed to .

It’s known that AL-Jazeera paints leads paints market , with its diversified innovations and providing integrated ,internationally approved paint systems to the building to meet and respond to the wishes and requirements of its clients ,which are considered innovative solutions to the challenges they face when they think in painting their houses , offices and urban projects and match with the modern orientations in the world in the architectural context in the fields of health , safety and environment .