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Al-Jazeera Paints participates in The Transportation 2015 exhibit in Riyadh

Al-Jazeera Paints highlights its (Afro) & (Smart) bundles for transportation sector projects in the Kingdom.

Al-Jazeera Paints, the giant of high quality paint industry in the Middle East and surrounding regions, participated in the Transportation 2015 exhibit, which is held currently in Al Riyadh city.

The event is held under the patronage of H.E. the Minister of Transportation Eng. Abdullah bin Abdul rahman Al Muqbil . This exhibit continues for four days.

The company will showcase its roads and traffic safety paints bundle along with its smart paints bundle.

The event is considered as one of the largest of its kind in the transportation projects in the Kingdom topped by (King Abdul Aziz Public Transportation-Metro, Buses project) which includes (Al Riyadh Metro).

The project is described as the largest project under construction in the world, costing about 22.5 milliard dollars. It includes six metro paths prolonging over 176 kilometers with 85 stations alongside an integrated bus network that includes 22 lanes prolonging over 1200 kilometers thus covering the whole of Al Riyadh city.

Eng. Nasser Bin Mohammad Al-Romaih, Al-Jazeera Paints Deputy General Manger stressed on the importance of this exhibit in showcasing company products that are suitable for large projects in the transportation sector in Al Riyadh area and all over the Kingdom. He expressed his hope that the company may leave its print in this vital sector which will be reflected on the renaissance of the Kingdom, its development and prosperity.

Al-Jazeera Paints manufacturing of modern roads paints comes from its keenness to preserving lives and properties and also from its corporate social responsibility as a leading national company.

The company studied the latest scientific discoveries in the field of safety and roads paints in regard to durability, clearance, reflection and maintaining the beauty of cities.

The colors were selected from among the clearest, most beautiful and durable colors providing an integrated group of safety and road paints starting from its product (Al-Jazeera Afro), especially made for roads and passed the third qualifying test which measures the durability and endurance of the product according to “Federal Specifications” followed by (Al-Jazeera Afro Raseef) which is characterized by its elegance and beauty along with color stability and clearance as well as (Al-Jazeera Afro Aman) which is used for concrete partitions as a caution for roads hazards and (Al-Jazeera Afro Aman Reflective) which reflects at night time to warn against road hazards. This product along with the other two products are (UV) resistance.

There are also (Al-Jazeera Florescent) which glows during day and night and used for partitions and columns in car garages and (Al-Jazeera Afro Luminous) which illuminates for hours in dark spaces and used for tunnels, garages and emergency exits.

Al-Romaih noted about the role played by road paints in safety, security and mitigation of painful traffic accidents on main and byroads in and out of cities.

He explained bout the importance of (Al-Jazeera Afro) in traffic safety and security in addition to the safety of the environment and in preserving it as being an environmentally responsible paint with water base qualities yet performing a remarkable role in saving lives, vehicles and environment altogether. He pointed out that the product is certified by Arab Oil Company (ARAMCO).

He added that (Al-Jazeera Afro) is considered the best according to Federal Specification No. TT-P-1952E Type III in the field of clarity of road marks and determining its lanes in front of vehicles drivers and in regard to reflecting light and durability for a long time on the road without losing its qualities and abilities of clarity during day and reflection during night time yet achieving enough distance for vision to avoid traffic accidents.

He further added that its proven as the best choice in these regards from any other paint. He pointed out that it allows to enter into the service road from the main road during a short period of time along with its efficient contribution to preventing traffic jams on roads as a result of work maintenance.

He indicated about the risks of the traditional road paints (Thermoplastics) which requires high temperatures during application in addition to the difficulty in repainting compared to environmentally responsible water base road paints which provide a safe application environment, ease of reapplication while preserving the glass granules which allow for the reflection of light consequently making them easy to determine road marks.

The company showcases also its smart paints bundle including its fire resistant products which obtained the (Exova Warringtonfire) certificate that meets the highest international standards and specifications yet expanding the chances to save lives, properties and protect projects and large premises from collapsing such as its (Al-Jazeera Firedamp263) product which is used in airports, train stations, warehouses, malls, industry complexes, hotels and hospitals.

The product was deployed to a number of large projects in the Kingdom including King Abdullah for Science and Technology, King Abdullah Financial Center, Princess Nora Bint Abdul Rahman University, King Abdul Aziz International Airport and King Khalid University.

The company also showcased its (Al-Jazeera Royal Grand) product, the water base and flexible paint which has anti- carbonation and alkali qualities. It protects steel inside concrete from rusting and corrosion and prevents the cracking of concrete structures and bridges. It also resists dust and dirt and has the ability to expand and extend in addition to allowing for water to pass through along with the ability to resist moisture, slats and others.