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Al Maidoor: Expansion of Rashid Hospital’s Trauma Centre begins

His Excellency Engineer Essa Al Maidoor, Director-General of the DHA, said: “After detailed consultation with specialists from the Trauma Centre and the DHA engineering department, we finalized the design of the expansion, keeping in mind all the requirements needed for a hospital with a high volume of patients. The Trauma Centre caters to the most critical cases in the emirate and therefore designing the expansion in a manner that is convenient to doctors and helps enhance patient care was of pivotal importance. Now, we have begun the construction using the pre-engineering concept and the project will be completed in one year.”

The pre-engineering concept means the Trauma centre will continue to function as usual and at the same time the expansion work will be ongoing. The walls will be manufactured in advance and will be installed directly onsite so that the Trauma Centre can function as normal while the expansion work takes place.

He said all ICU beds of the hospital will be in the same area as per the design of the expansion project. It includes ICU and non-ICU beds which will be on the second and third floor of the centre.

Al Maidoor said the expansion plan was undertaken keeping the mind the growth of the population in Dubai.

Last year 166,000 patients were treated at the centre, with demand almost doubling since the centre began operations in 2006 and treated 86,000 patients in that first year.

On an average, medical staff at the centre treat between 480 and 550 patients a day and this number is only expected to grow in the years to come.

The expansion of the Trauma Centre is the first phase of the Rashid Hospital master plan that was announced by the Authority in May 2013.

The Dh 3 billion master plan includes six new specialised health centres, one four-star and another five-star hotel, villas and flats for staff accommodation, a mosque, lake way and landscaping and open spaces for children and families. The main hospital will be rebuilt and will have three towers. Each tower will be seven storied and will have 300 beds- bringing the total capacity to 900 beds.

Al Maidoor said post the completion of the expansion of the Trauma Centre, construction in the adjoining areas in line with the master plan will begin.

He added the expansion is much needed keeping in mind population growth and in line with Dubai’s 2020 Vision