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Al Mikhwat governor inaugurates Al-Jazeera Paints Showroom in the governorate

Al-Jazeera Paints, the giant of high quality paints industry in the Middle East and surrounding regions inaugurated recently a new showroom in Al Mikhwat city, aims to provide the most elegant services to its clients in the governorate and meets their requirements and needs from all sorts of paints and their colors in a short period of time while getting closer to them at the same time.

The new showroom will provide consultations to clients and consumers alike along with paints applicators to satisfy their aspirations and requirements.

The opening ceremony of the showroom were held under the patronage of H.E. Dr. Mohammad Bin Jma’n Dada, the governor of Al Mikhwat, and H.E. Eng Saeed Bin Ghurm Al Zahrani, the mayor of Al Mikhwat municipality and a number of officials and dignitaries from the governorate along with company employees led by Mr. Malik Al Sheikh, the regional manager of Al Baha area beside a lot of guests.

The new showroom will showcase top of the high quality paints offered in magnificent colors under one ceiling yet serving those with sophisticated taste and make everything available and within hand reach for them. The showroom allows shoppers to enjoy an uplifting shopping experience with many decorations, colors and designs that are impressive , attractive and beautiful.

The showroom includes samples of all company products topped by its “Smart Paints” collection which is the latest the company has to offer. It contains eight different rooms that act like models for the house including bedrooms, living rooms, halls, sitting rooms, children rooms for boys and girls. They all furnished with matching furniture to help the visitor imagines his or her house with its decorations and colors for each room. It also contains a training center with large accommodation space for a large number of trainees to apply company products managed by Al-Jazeera Paint Academy. The showroom area is over 2.650 CM located on the main street of Al Mikhwat city.

H.E. the governor and H.E. the mayor along with the attendees were acquainted about the company new collection “Smart Paints” through a presentation. They were informed about the many qualities and unique characteristics of the collection along with its high quality.

The collection is designed to endure and withstand all odor factors and adapts all usages and environments while maintaining the health of people and the environmental sustainability qualities along with high efficiency and dependability. It also harmonizes with the lifestyle requirements and created from our values inspired from our passion to nature and the world around us. Our products are health and environmentally responsible.

They are accredited for green buildings sustainability accreditations. They are suitable for hospitals, surgery rooms and are antimicrobic, fire retardant , combat graffiti, anti-carbonation, and remedy cracks in walls. They include paints that are especially made for roads and floors. Among the collection are (Oxycare), (Al-Jazeera Novel), and (Al-Jazeera Anti-Microbic Agion).

The inauguration of this showroom which is designed according to the latest international trends reflects the company steadfastness and continuous development as a leading national company that aims to contribute to the construction renaissance all over the Kingdom.