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Al Noor Training Centre for Children with Special Needs succeeds on a continuous mission to “give back” to the community

Al Noor Training Centre for Children with Special Needs was established in 1981 with the purpose of providing the best care for children and young adults with special needs. The centre started with just eight children, from a small villa located in the Jumeirah area of Dubai, has now moved to a purpose-built facility in Al Barsha that opened its doors in April 2007.

The centre successfully facilitates and enriches the lives of up to 300 children and young people from different nationalities having various physical and cognitive challenges such as Down syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and Autism. Al Noor’s mission is to provide these individuals, regardless of background, the same opportunity through professional training and care in order for them to realize their potential and integrate into the wider community.

Al Noor follows a holistic programme addressing all domains of development through a trans disciplinary assessment and intervention approach, all delivered at an ISO certified standard. The programme is individualized and goal orientated to obtain the highest achievement for each student. In addition to teaching, the level of development is enhaced with Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, Psychological services, Sports and Music.

Being a non profit and subsidised entity, Al Noor is on a continous strive to promote their fundraising strategies in order to maintain the exceptional level of services it offers to each and every individual enrolled at the center. Keeping in mind its fundraising efforts, the centre runs a calendar of high profile events each year, such as the forthcoming activtities that include the annual Ladies Luncheon (16th January), Fun Fair (28th February) and the Gala Dinner (6th June). In addition the centre uses its state-of-the-art premises to the best of their ability by renting certain rooms, halls and areas for private and corporate events.
Isphana Al Khatib talks of Al Noor’s fundraising “As a non profit , Al Noor looks for community partners to work on multiple levels, in long term partnerships where possible, towards creating an awareness, accepting and having community supporting our cause of persons with special needs”.

Al Noor also prides itself on an exceptionally effective work placement unit that trains its students with a capability for open employment, integrating them into mainstream society post education. The centre continually strives to build strong links to local and national businesses in order to enable a smooth workplace transition for their students. Many past students also play a huge part in the center’s very own vocational training units, that incorporate carpentry, sewing, baking and screen printing. These past students are hired on a salarised basis to help in running these units as well as training the existing students to produce items that are then sold to further aid the fundraising activity.

A particular star of the Al Noor’s fundraising achievements is the center’s very own and coffee shop, Smiles ‘n’ Stuff which helps to raise awareness and funds for the training centre. It is the only one of it’s kind in the GCC where all the products are handcrafted by children and young people with special needs enrolled at Al Noor. The goal of Al Noor’s vocational training unit is to make children skilled and productive members of the community and training is offered in carpentry, screen printing, sewing and bakery units. Coffee mornings can be arranged between November and March at the centre by anyone, guests can schedule a visit and enjoy the collection of handcrafted items created by the students. Al Noor welcomes everyone to come and see their unique centre, a true enlightening experience into the very special world that is their centre.

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