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Al Rabie, Official Partner of Kidzania Children City – Jeddah

Al Rabie Saudi Foods Company Ltd. has signed an agreement with Fawaz Al Hokair Group as an official partner for juice inside Kidzania Children City – Jeddah. The agreement has taken place recently in Mall of Arabia – Jeddah, unveiling the gate of the first meaningful educational entertainment city in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the 17th. in the world, in order to teach children about the value of work, money and self-reliance.

AlShareef Munzer Bin TeradAlHarthy, CEO of Al Rabie Saudi Foods Company Ltd. has stated: ” According to the partnership, Al Rabie will provide a small factory equipped with the latest technologies inside the educational entertainment city in order to educate children about the basic steps of Al Rabie’s juice and other food making processes. Al Rabie factory is the only one available inside Kidzania Children City as an official juice partner. The partnership crowned Al Rabie’s efforts to contribute to preparing children to the labor market, empowering their learning and playing in one of Kidzania’s exceptional cities. The children shall be prepared for a better world and we are happy to be in this global city, the wonderful children city, which is widely open for children in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to acquire different skills in a new and wonderful world of their own.”

Kidzania Children City – Jeddah offers an environment rich in scientific and entertaining benefits. It provides a secure setting for 4-14 years old children, giving them the opportunity to spend wonderful times with their favorite game; roleplaying and mimicking adult occupations.

Kidzania embraces an airport, university, fire station, racing track, radio station, restaurants, factories, hospital, bank, supermarket, football playground, theater, ATMs and other facilities. All these facilities were designed with sizes suitable to children, where the little ones can wear the clothes of their favorite occupations and implement various tasks and duties. This is done in an atmosphere full of pleasure and fun, featuring important and meaningful educational values at the same time.

Beside the roleplaying of over 80 different occupations, children get paid by Kidzos, which is the official currency of the city. This currency can be used to purchase goods and services in Kidzania, or even save it in the bank which will provide them with discount cards for use in ATMs.

In addition, Kidzania Children City – Jeddah provides integrated services to children with special needs, who can participate in the roleplaying process and be prepared for a better world.

It is worth to mention that the headquarters of Kidzania Company locates in Mexico and the company provides a distinctive award-winning global concept, recognizing the unique blend of children’s learning and entertaining.

The first Kidzania city was opened in Mexico City in 1999. Today, Kidzania has a presence in 16 locations around the world in: Monterrey – Mexico, Tokyo, Jakarta, Cochin, Lisbon, Dubai, Seoul, Kuala Lumpur, Cuicuilco – Mexico, Santiago – Chile, Kuwait, Cairo and Istanbul.