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Al Rawabi announces 15 per cent sales growth in Q1 2015

UAE’s largest Dairy produces 275,000 litres of dairy products and 150,000 litres of Juices daily

Al Rawabi, the UAE’s number one locally-based dairy in terms of daily production, has announced that the sales have grown by 15% in the first quarter of 2015. The announcement came during a special lunch event that was hosted at the company’s headquarters in Al Khawaneej in Dubai. The event was held on the occasion of Al Rawabi’s 25th year anniversary in the attendance of Al Rawabi Board members and elite businessmen and key decision makers from the UAE. Al Rawabi Dairy Company, the UAE’s largest dairy, started in 1989 with just 500 imported cows and it grew to over 12,500 cows today – 8000 of which are milking cows.

Al Rawabi has also announced that it currently produces up to 275,000 litres of dairy products a day – an average of 31 litres per cow per day –with each cow being milked three times a day. The dairy also produces 150,000 litres of fresh juice daily. On a daily basis, its fresh products reach over 10,000 stores in the UAE, Oman and Qatar.

The dairy’s meteoric growth has resulted in a larger market share. Al Rawabi is currently number 1 in the UAE in terms of market share in juices, and the only company offering 14 different flavours of juices to the market. On the dairy products side, Al Rawabi holds a 1/3rd share of the UAE’s dairy market.

“Al Rawabi is proud of what it has achieved in its journey towards becoming one of the UAE’s largest dairy and juice producers. Our growth has been powered by infrastructural expansions, product redesigns, ISO certifications, environmental considerations and investment in state of the art technology and animal welfare systems,” said Dr Ahmed Eltigani, General Manager of Al Rawabi Dairy Company.

In 2013, the company spent AED 125 million to expand its farm, and added 3000 cows to its existing herd. A new cold store was also added at a cost of AED 21 million, and another AED 10 million injected into the pasteurisation line at the plant.

Since 2013, Al Rawabi’s total production area has more than effectively doubled, chalking up a 104 percent increase. Plans are underway to increase the cold storage area by a massive 337 percent, taking them from the current 858 m2 to 3,750 m2.

Al Rawabi has also made strides in consumer innovation. It created its Super Milk – fresh milk fortified with Vitamin D – given that 78 percent of the UAE has a Vitamin D deficiency despite the country’s abundance of sun rays. In 2012, the company introduced the first enriched Laban in the UAE, known as ‘Nutree Boost’ – with added oats, minerals and vitamins – to its portfolio. In 2013, Al Rawabi followed that up with milk enriched with Omega 3 fatty acids, knows as ‘Omega 3 Milk’, which have been proven to benefit joint, mental, sight and cardiovascular health.

On its 25th anniversary, Al Rawabi also launched refreshed designs for Al Rawabi dairy and juice bottles. The new bottles have been engineered for better handling and less spillage, based on details garnered from intensive focus groups as well as extensive efforts from the company’s research, marketing, production and sales teams.

Cow’s welfare has remained a priority. Cows benefit from innovative cooling and showering systems to tackle the UAE heat. Each cow is identified via an electronic ear tag controlled by a computerised system, and benefits from a customised feeding sheet (TMR) to maximise health. Ecologically, Al Rawabi has implemented water recycling to minimize its environmental footprint, reusing the water for cooling the herd and land irrigation purposes.

“On the occasion of its 25th anniversary, Al Rawabi is very proud of creating a facility that matches the highest standards of the most sophisticated dairies in Europe in terms of production, cow welfare and also environmental consideration. All the water at our facilities is recycled and our cows are completely antibiotic free. Antibiotics are only given to cows for medical treatments, and those cows undergoing treatment for any reason are removed from the milk production cycle for the duration,” Dr Eltigani added.

Al Rawabi has always been in the forefront of corporate social responsibility, devoting large funds to those in needs. During the event, Al Rawabi Diary, represented by its Chairman Mr. Abdullah Sultan Al Owais and its General Manger Dr Ahmed Eltigani, donated AED 100,000 to ‘The Rashid Paediatric Therapy Centre’.

Al Rawabi has celebrated its 25th year anniversary with the 4th edition of its famous community festival, known as the ‘Al Rawabi Farm Festival’. During the Farm Festival, the company welcomed more than 100,000 supporters, partners and members of the community over days offering an exciting program of farm tours, games, and competitions.

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