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Al Rawabi Dairy invites public to 4th edition of ‘Al Rawabi Farm Festival’

80,000 Visitors expected over two days as family Fun, games and activities show how dairy produces 275,000 fresh litres of milk daily with 12,500 cows

On the occasion of its 25th anniversary, Al Rawabi Dairy, one of the leading dairy and juice producers in the UAE, is inviting the public, as well as partners and media representatives, to the 4th edition of ‘Al Rawabi Farm Festival’. The education and entertainment filled family days out will be held at Al Rawabi’s Khawaneej farm on March 20th and 21st, 2015.

The community festival is being organized by Al Rawabi to show the public what it takes to produce 275,000 litres of fresh milk every day. The family days on the farm will introduce visitors to the hard work, processes and technology it takes to produce thousands of litres of fresh milk, juices and dairy products every single day.

The 4th edition of this Festival will take visitors on a tour of Al Rawabi’s farm, which is the home of 12,500 cows. A packed schedule of games, competitions, educational events, entertainment and social activities await the 80,000 visitors expected over the event’s two days.

For Al Rawabi, the Farm Festival is a way of getting in touch directly with a large audience who might consume its products every day, but doesn’t get to see the workings behind them. It’s also an enriching experience for children and adults alike, who in Dubai might seldom get to see healthy and well looked after cows on an actual farm.

“Al Rawabi is the largest producer of dairy in the UAE, in terms of daily production. We want people to see the source of the high quality dairy products they enjoy every day. We want to engage with the public, and show them how we keep our cows in the best health, and in ideal conditions. We also want to give children, and their parents, a chance to see actual cows in a farm and how they’re milked – a sight that isn’t very common in Dubai,” said Dr Ahmed Eltigani, General Manager of Al Rawabi Dairy.

Every cow is given constant attention. The cows are milked three times a day to produce an average of 31 litres per a day. All cows are kept in cooled controlled environments when the temperature goes above 21C, and are given the best feeds for maximum wellbeing.

Visitors will be able to enjoy at least 18 fun activities, ranging from running through hay mazes to participating in a milking competition, in addition to many competitions, stage shows and other exciting activities for the whole family. The entire experience is built around farm activities, albeit in a facility powered by state of the art technology and production lines.

“Our products are consumed by different people, and are a part of the UAE’s everyday life. We want people to see how these are made, and we want them to form a connection with the farm, its people, the cows, and even the machines that ensure we bring the freshest products to your breakfast table straight from Dubai farm. Opening our doors to visitors and guests to enjoy a fantastic day out is a great way of celebrating Al Rawabi’s 25th anniversary”, Eltigani added.

From a start in 1989 with just 500 heads of cattle, Al Rawabi has grown today to have 12,500 cows, kept to the best of living standards. The herd size, coupled with investment in state of the art processing, gives Al Rawabi production capabilities on par with some of Europe’s most advanced dairy enterprises.