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Al Rawabi recognized by DM for Excellence in Biosecurity and Hygiene Control

Dairy awarded for applying improvement procedures & precautionary measures

Al Rawabi Dairy Company, the UAE’s number one locally-based dairy in terms of production, herd size and farm capacities, has been recognised by the Dubai Municipality’s Vetinary Services Section for its continued excellence in biosecurity and hygiene control which was evident through improving livestock-related procedures and precautionary measures.

The UAE based Dairy has invested heavily in the welfare of its herd by installing showering and cooling systems to cope with the sore temperatures.

Al Rawabi also implemented a TMR system that allows each cow to feed accordingly to its requirements and best nutritional needs. Moreover, Al Rawabi employs more than 15 veterinary specialists and one consultant nutritionist to ensure the health and well-being of the herd.

Al Rawabi Dairy Company’s General Manager, Dr Ahmed El Tigani received the award on behalf of the dairy. “Biosecurity and Hygiene Control are a top priority at Al Rawabi. The dairy’s cows benefit from an automated control system that creates customised feeding sheets for each animal. Moreover, cooling techniques and strict climate control are implemented to keep the animals comfortable in the UAE’s temperatures,” said El Tigani.

“We are delighted to have our efforts towards animal health and welfare recognised by the Dubai Municipality. Our focus on keeping animals in optimal conditions boosts productivity and allows us to deliver the highest quality milk to our customers. We also consider it a duty to ensure that our cows are kept in ideal conditions and always benefit from humane treatment,” El Tigani added.

Throughout the years, Al Rawabi focussed in elevating its hygiene control levels to the highest standards through the use of state-of-the-art technologies backed by careful monitoring of overall processes. Al Rawabi is also environmentally conscientious, and recycles all the water it uses at the farm and for the land irrigation purposes. The cooling system in the farm relies solely on recycled water to minimize the ecological footprint.

Al Rawabi is number 1 in the UAE market in terms of market share for juices, and also holds 1/3rd of the market for dairy products in the UAE.