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Al Tamimi Stables launches SENSE: A unique social enterprise that combines nature and therapy

In conjunction with the 2013 Big Start competition, Al Tamimi –Investments will introduce SENSE, a unique social enterprise, on 12th January 2014. Winner of the Big Start 2013, this new initiative is aimed at using the facilities and surroundings of Al Tamimi Stables to provide people with a positive outlook and offer healing through interaction with the environment and animals.

The unique Animal Assisted Therapy provided by SENSE will bring people closer to the environment and aid recovery without any negative side effects. The initiative has been founded on the basis of the natural environment having a positive influence on an individual’s overall health. Thanks to its location, a lush farm spread over 30 acres, away from the fast pace of city life, the serene surroundings are ideal for rejuvenation and relaxation. Spending time amidst nature and animals can dramatically reduce stress, decrease mental fatigue, restore mental clarity and boost stamina. It is also beneficial for children, especially those with disorders such as Autism and Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity.

Animal Assisted Therapy improves the physical, social, emotional and cognitive functioning of individuals by leveraging the abilities of animals, including horses, rabbits, fish, dogs and cats, in a controlled manner. The therapy is effective in treating anxiety, depression, suicidal tendencies, eating disorders, loss, abuse and trauma, Dementia and behavioural problems among children and adolescents.

Animal Assisted Therapy is recognised for its curative properties and unique quality of using animals to help both children and adults cope with and recover from health problems. Animal Assisted Therapy is specifically used to target a variety of goals including improving a patient’s range of strength, motion, endurance, balance, mobility and sensation. Patients can also benefit from psychosocial benefits such as increase in self-esteem, building rapport, motivation and stress reduction.

Animal Assisted Therapy is considered as an adjunct to existing therapy. A therapist can incorporate the animal into any therapy being already practiced by the professional. This therapy is a practice modality and thus is aptly described as Animal “Assisted” Therapy. It can be used by a speech therapist, occupational therapist, physiotherapist, rehabilitation therapist, psychologist and counsellors within their scope of treatment to facilitate on-going therapy. The therapy animals offer right amount of entertainment, distraction and pleasure to the therapy process, which motivates clients to work harder. All therapies are specially tailored to the age and abilities of each individual.]

“I have grown up in the company of my pets. This inherently led me to realise that they always showered me with unconditional love and I was always happy around them. On hectic days, my tensions vanished as soon as I would return home and my pets surrounded me. Their sheer presence proved to be a great stress buster and provided a social and emotional anchor in my life. I surf the net avidly and have read several articles on how animals and nature influence human beings generally (and also with conditions such as depression, suicidal tendencies, Autism, Cancer and AIDS) and improves quality of life for people. I noticed a lack of exposure to animals and nature-based activities in Dubai. This motivated me to pitch the idea to venture capitalist firm Al Tamimi Investments. I am glad they recognised the value of the initiative and its contribution to the community in Dubai. I am immensely excited to be working hand in hand with Al Tamimi Stables, and SENSE could have never found a better place to show what it offers – nature-based therapies at its best,” commented Aditi Sen, Founder & General Manager, SENSE.

“We are extremely proud to work with Aditi Sen, the most recent winner of the Big Start competition 2013, on launching this new concept and bringing the community together at a truly niche out-patient rehabilitation centre. SENSE aims to create community support groups that empower people to share their challenges and experiences. It is the first enterprise in the Middle East to offer animal assisted and nature-orientated therapies, provided by highly qualified experts. This initiative supports holistic healing and we encourage everyone, irrespective of age, background and culture, to join us at SENSE and discover a revitalising journey through nature,” states Brian Galligan, General Manager of Al Tamimi Stables.

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