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Alleem Knowledge Center and Abu Dhabi University Enter into Strategic Alliance

Alleem Knowledge Center, Sharjah has entered into an alliance with Abu Dhabi University for strategic knowledge partnership for the Sustainable Development Week December 14-18, 2014. The alliance will facilitate participants to receive head-on training from leadings experts on the various nuances on the importance of developing business with sustainability.

The agreement of alliance was signed by Prof. Fares Howari, Professor of Environmental Sciences, Abu Dhabi University and Dr. Rashid Alleem, Founder & Executive Chairman of Alleem Knowledge Center here on December 11, 2013.

The alliance will facilitate Abu Dhabi University to conduct dedicated training for the selected 25 participants touching core issues during Alleem Sustainable Development Week 2014.

The dedicated training sessions will have customized programs to provide a clear path for learners to assess their growth opportunities and achievements to meet individuals’ professional needs as well as organizational objectives.

The comprehensive 5-day Alleem Business Congress Weeks aim to provide a focused platform for shared knowledge among the business community and the eager learners exposing them to key business concepts and best practices besides complementing the role of Sharjah Universities

Alleem 2014 agenda includes; Alleem Project Management Week (January 19-23, 2014), Alleem Leadership Week (April 20-24, 2014), Alleem Marketing & Branding Week (September 7-11, 2014) & Alleem Sustainable Development Week (December 14-18, 2014)