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Ambience of Ramadan provides extra pleasure to visitors of Liwa Dates Festival

The ambience of Ramadan has provided an extra delight to the visitors of the Liwa Dates Festival, which is organised during the holy month for the second year in a row.

The wonderful atmosphere contributed significantly to the increase in public turnout as visitors came in large numbers to enjoy the exceptional activities, presented to guests of different nationalities.

Products at the Traditional Market as well as activities and performances at the main hall have attracted the largest number of visitors. On a daily basis from 08:00 pm to 01:00 am, the public has been flocking to enjoy the recreational and cultural competitions and heritage performances, held at the official site of the Festival. All these activities have been met with a positive response by visitors and guests.

The Organising Committee has shown a great keenness to present several programmes and activities that meet the tastes and needs of the public, regardless of cultural differences, and nationality. The objective consists in transforming the Liwa Dates Festival into carnival-like celebration that can be enjoyed by everybody, whether from within Al Gharbia (The Western Region), or from other places.

During the current edition, all the Festival activities were characterised by an attempt to shed light on the Emirati heritage while seeking to raise awareness about the most prominent landmarks of the popular legacy.

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