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AmCham Abu Dhabi Conducts 2015 Advocacy & DoorKnock Trade Mission

Export Promotion, FDI & Taxation Issues Emphasized in Meetings Across the Nation’s Capitol.

AmCham Abu Dhabi, acting as one of the nine Member councils of the 3,500 member strong AmCham MENA Regional Council, conducted a high profile Trade Mission in Washington, D.C. from April 20-24, 2015.

The AmCham delegation members, led by Mr. Sharief Fahmy, Chairman of AmCham’s U.S.-U.A.E. Public Affairs Committee, continued a 15-year tradition of conducting advocacy missions for the benefit of AmCham members.

The Delegates focused on “Pro-Expat = Pro-Trade = Pro-Job Creation” policy positions in dozens of meetings with Congress, Obama Administration officials and trade and foreign policy business councils and industry associations.

Key stakeholders were urged to keep “front-of-mind” the many trade, investment and expatriate issues impacted when Congress formulates trade and tax laws, implements regulations and policy positions. Meetings were conducted with a broad diversity of decision makers, including senior Members, Chiefs of Staff and legislative aides in the U.S. Congress, U.S. Ambassadors based in the Middle East, and high-ranking Obama Administration officials.

Trade Mission delegates argued for reasonable amendments to the I.R.S. Tax Code, which would enable Americans working overseas to compete equally against nationals of other industrialized nations present in the same job market. In addition, delegates underscored the need to implement export regulation reforms that would bolster U.S. exports to the region, thereby creating jobs in the U.S.

Fahmy eloquently summarized at every opportunity possible the key policy objective underlying the Trade Mission’s agenda: “When Americans compete on a level playing field, American companies win, and create good jobs for U.S. citizens at home and abroad through increased exports in an increasingly competitive global marketplace. Our message to our leaders is simple: AMERICANS ABROAD = EXPORTS = U.S. JOB CREATION.”

In a showing of the persuasive appeal of AmCham’s Pro-Expat message, Roll Call included in its April 23, 2015 blog postings an opinion piece drafted by one of the Delegation members.

A formal report regarding the Advocacy Mission’s success in Washington D.C. will be posted on the AmCham Abu Dhabi website for AmCham Member access.