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AMEinfo’s top 10 stories last week

AMEinfo is keen to keep you abreast of the latest and most important regional developments in business. We picked what we believe are the top 10 stories published last week.

Watch out! Someone is crashing your party

Massive cyberattack at Uber: why so long to reveal 57 million data breach?

Shunned by banks, and abandoned by staff, are SMEs folding?

Want to save your business billions of dollars? It’s simple. . .

The digital floodgates for souq’s sale bonanza set for ‘White Friday’

Saudi is under cyber-attack: Here’s who might be behind it

Fear of crackdown: Rich Saudis looking for safe havens

Here’s why GCC IPOs in 2018 will raise at least $100bn more than 2017

Cyber attacks can crash a plane; are airlines doing enough to prevent this?

Corruption crackdown: Will Saudi economy slow?