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American University School of Kuwait celebrates the end of its first year

The American University School of Kuwait (AUS), the country’s most technologically-advanced 21st century creative learning private school, celebrated the end of the school year with promotion ceremonies for the 104 students enrolled in Pre-Kindergarten to grade 5 last week.

These promotion ceremonies marked the first year of the school’s establishment, where it recognized the achievements of some of Kuwait’s future leaders as they advanced to their next grade level. AUS invited parents to share the accomplishments of their child in a ceremony that highlighted each student’s milestone efforts this school year.

AUS Founding Director, Jennifer J. Beckwith, Ph.D., said, “We are very proud of the achievements of our young students in this first year of our school. AUS was established to offer parents a better educational choice for their children in a 21st century environment that is reinforced with cutting edge educational tools and technologies, and world-class educators who are committed to the progress and success of every child in their classrooms. On behalf of everyone at AUS we thank our parents for putting their trust in us during our inaugural year.”

In addition to new and inventive software, AUS uses technological innovations, student tablets, interactive smart boards, child-scaled open classroom areas, to help students excel in an environment that is similar to the digital world they are familiar with today.

The school follows the Common Core American Standards curriculum, which focuses on conceptual understandings and procedures starting in the early grades for reading, mathematics, science and social studies. The school’s teaching and learning strategies work to assist students to make connections using thematic units across academic disciplines.

Beckwith added, “At AUS, we offer small class sizes for individualized learning with the latest educational materials and interactive technology. AUS students are taught by qualified American and Arab teachers who are skilled in the latest teaching methods to form a positive educational environment that drives academic excellence and character building.”

“Our goal is for students to learn how to make connections between disciplines from a very early age, and learn how to use technology in a positive way that will be a pillar in their future success.”

AUS opened in September 2013 for Pre-Kindergarten through grade 5 students. The Middle School for grades 6 through 8 will open this September. A fully accredited High School will be available to students beginning with grade 9 for the 2015-2016 school year.

The school provides a one-to-one tablet program that allows educators and students to take advantage of the pedagogical change in the way information is provided in a school setting. Students collaborate wirelessly through a combination of tablets, teacher podcasts for enhanced comprehension, digital texts, and engage in higher order thinking activities. The AUS curriculum allows discovery of new ways to impart to students the skills they will need in the 21st century.

In addition to the curriculum, the school offers after-school activities that include sports, classes about applications on computers and tablets, music, academic enrichment sessions, and French, among others. The school will eventually showcase an in-house video production lab that will provide television studio broadcasts within the school. Courses in robotics, AutoCAD, computer art, and digital photography, as well as drama and music classes, will also be offered at the secondary level.