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AMF forecasts regional capital markets to post positive performance

Mainly due to economic and regulatory reforms implemented by region

Arab capital markets are expected to record a positive performance during the current year, according to the Arab Monetary Fund.

The positive performance will be driven by expectations of a relatively positive improvement in the economic performance of the Arab countries due to the economic and regulatory reforms implemented by the authorities, reports London-based Alhayat.

The AMF predicted, in a report issued on Sunday on the performance of Arab stock markets in 2015, that the Arab countries would enter the global capital markets successfully during the current year.

The issuance of bonds and sukuk by the Arab oil exporting countries is expected to be welcomed by investors in the context of low levels of debt and creditworthiness of these countries.

The IMF pointed out that one of the most significant recent developments is the allowing of foreigners to trade and invest in the Saudi stock market, which enhances the Arab capital markets and paves the way for the rise of emerging markets.